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The Order of Bards Ovates & Druids

Druidry is a vital and dynamic nature spirituality that is flourishing all over the world. It unites our love of the earth with our love of creativity and the arts. Flowing through all the exciting new developments in modern druidism is the power of an ancient tradition: the love of land, sea and sky - the love of the earth our home.

The Druid Tradition

The Druid Tradition is ancient, and represents one of the wellsprings of inspiration of the Western Spiritual Tradition. But even though it is ancient, it is as relevant and alive today as it ever has been. All spiritualities grow and change - and Druidism, or Druidry as it is also known, has changed too - and now it is experiencing a Renaissance.

Druidry is a spirituality of simple things - of place and time, existence and imagination. It teaches the appreciation of sunrises and the sound of water. We are free to express divinity as we experience it. To those who are willing to learn, it teaches love and compassion, to listen to the song of our hearts and the music of the earth. And sometimes, hugging trees is in order!

Druids are people from all walks of life who love the Earth, who want to open to their creativity and become Bards who can sing the song of their souls; who want to attune themselves to the powers of Nature and to train as Ovates, skilled in healing and diviniation; who want to live in a world that respects the Earth and all the creatures who live on Her.

The Order of Bards Ovates & Druids is dedicated to teaching and practicing Druidry - offering training and courses in Druidism. We organise Druid conferences, gatherings and camps, and publish monthly Druidic journals, in addition to running a Sacred Grove Planting Programme and the Campaign for Ecological Responsibility.

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