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Garth admires Elaine's work at Wildways in Shropshire

All over the world members are creating wonderful projects, artwork, books, poetry and music, and this blog is a space for telling others about your work, or posting about any subject relevant to Druidry or the spiritual quest.

If you are an OBOD member and would like to post here, just email blogs@druidry.org include photos, purchasing information if applicable, your web site, contact information, and any other relevant data, and we’ll post it as soon as we can.

In addition, in this section we announce the latest additions and changes to the website to help you keep up to date.

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Celtic Tree Magic empowers the reader to work with the Ogham on numerous
levels, practicality and spirituality interweaving to create an approach
of depth and beauty. Throughout, Danu's heartfelt connection to the wisdom
of trees - born of many years of study and interaction - shines through,
guiding the reader on a path deep into the forest. With many useful
practical exercises that serve to open the reader, the book seeks to moves
us from a purely intellectual understanding to a living relationship with
the trees of the Ogham.

The Waitaha Water Gathering & World Symposium on sacred water held in Waitangi New Zealand.

I heard the call in my heart & was honored to attend & share water & wisdom with such beautiful people. Spiritual Elders, Healers, Shamans & Wisdom Keepers from around the world gathered to share at the sacred Gathering- Shoshone medicine man, 12th Generation Shugendo Mountain Priest( first time out of Japan & sharing his wisdom), Sante Fe wise woman with her sacred chanunpa (peace pipe), Shinto Master, Mu priestess & yes OBOD members were there.

Then check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdEUPc3U6tY&feature=youtu.be

Charlene Hillyard, Bardic student and member of the Grove of the Summer Stars in Wellington, New Zealand is also a performer with Wellington Batucada a Brazilian Samba Band. But they are more than that as they fuse beats from Brazil, New Zealand, Africa and around the world. Wellington Batucada has entered the competition to perform as a roving band at WOMAD 2015. The band that gets the most votes, wins.

After 50 years of the Order’s existence and 25 years of its distance learning course now is a good time for us to assess what this has brought, to celebrate it – and allow ourselves to critique it too if we wish. And then we can look forward to what the next 50 years might bring – to envision it, dream it, sow seeds of intention. If we look around us – at the tribe, the community of people who are drawn here today – there is such diversity, and yet some common music holds us together, brings us together. Such diversity, and yet such unity!

New Moon, New Sun Sign, old Solar Eclipse!


Mark and I attended the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) residential training course on celebrancy at the Earthspirit Centre near Glastonbury between 17th and 21st September.  This is a quick summary for SPF folks of what happened.

Every year we offer an award for academic research into Druidry or related topics. This year the award goes to Dr.Julia Farley, for her paper:

‘Almost unmentionable in polite society’? Druidry and Archaeologists in the Later Twentieth Century

by Dr Julia Farley


Nature Spirits are seen at work in the light of sunset: attunement to the potency of invisible forces of nature’   the Sabian Symbol for the full Moon is Aries.


5th Annual OBOD ECG: A Guest Blog Post from The Druid's Well