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Garth admires Elaine's work at Wildways in Shropshire

All over the world members are creating wonderful projects, artwork, books, poetry and music, and this blog is a space for telling others about your work, or posting about any subject relevant to Druidry or the spiritual quest.

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With the bitter cold of early January, we felt the full impact of the Capricorn Sun accompanied by Pluto and Mercury, the keynotes of the January 1st new Moon.  That new Year, new Moon chart illustrated the theme of intense communication.  Did you find yourself embroiled in debate, or in poetic inspiration, or conversing with friends at a deep level of passion and honesty?  Did you begin a project that will take you into deep waters of emotion expressed in words:  a book, a letter long postponed, an important conversation?   And, while we may all have become wary and weary of resolutions t

crying out for justice
so many of us
for a child, raped to death
for a child, starving
for a child, slaving away
so many of us

crying out for justice
so many of us
for a job that pays the rent
for trustworthy politicians
for gentle spiritual leaders
so many of us

crying out for justice
so many of us
for the protection of the forests
for the cleansing of the seas
for the change to sustainable
so many of us

crying out for justice


How very special to have a New Moon on the first day of the New Year!  It gives an extra energy boost to the Solar-Lunar alignment of the day, for two calendars Solar (January 1) and Lunar (new Moon cycle) are, on this day, in sync.   We are given the gift of new beginnings, new alignments, and the integration of opposites twice over.  For the next few days we have the opportunity to focus our attention on what we want to manifest in this Moon cycle, which culminates on the full Moon of January 15, and this Solar cycle of 365 new days.             Capricorn is the sign where this meeting o

On Tuesday, December 17 at 4:28 EST, we have a full Moon in Gemini face to face with Sun in Sagittarius. The Sun is conjunct Gemini’s guiding planet, Mercury.  So these opposing signs are working together quite nicely. The full Moon takes place with the Sun a few degrees from the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius), a natural focus upon the earth at this moment.  This is an opportunity for spiritual messages, and communication about spirit!

The New Moon of Ruis gives the opportunity many of us need to rest and start anew after the whirlwind of the Thanksgiving/Hanukah celebration, the comet Ison’s journey to (or is it around) the Sun, and our collective reaction to the winds the earth has stirred up to remind us we live not only in our houses, but on a planet with powerful responses.

Winter approaches the Northern Hemisphere, and the Sun is low in the sky.  The Moon rises ever higher and seems so much brighter than she did in spring and early summer!   The full Moons of autumn light the sky even as the Sun withdraws to the South, leaving us with short days and long nights.

Druid's dancing music chart

All druids, ovates and bards can participate to get their favourite music on this chart!

Eventually, the music of this list will be played at the 'Druid's dancing night' at the 2014 Dryade international camp, where one of the celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids will be held.

A way to connect druids worldwide through music, looking forward to OBOD's Golden Jubilee.

More info at the webpage!

Once again the new Moon offers us the opportunity to, to be done with what has become obsessive and stale and to acknowledge our ignorance of what lies hidden in the dark earth and womb of the next 28 day cycle. This particular new Moon is bursting with energy.  But first there is the quiet and strange light which takes place at a solar eclipse...

A new photo has been added to the article on Modern Druidism here