Seed Groups in the USA & Canada three foundations of Spirituality:
Hearth as altar;
Work as worship;
And service as sacrament.

Irish Triad

Not all OBOD Seed Groups wish to be listed on a public site, but those that do can be found here, with links to their websites and email contacts.



Abhainn Gleann Seed Group,  Chilliwack, British Columbia  c/o Birch   email   website

Jack Pine Seed Group,  Ottawa, Ontario  c/o Nollaig   email   website

Lake Agassiz Seed Group,  Winnipeg, Manitoba  c/o Teresa   email   facebook

The Painted Turtle Seed Group,  Mississauga, Ontario  c/o Yvette   email

Twig and Torc Seed Group, Bryson, Quebec  c/o Penny Young   email   facebook   website

Urban Coyote OBOD Seed Group,  Oakville Ontario  c/o T. Ogilvie-McDonald   email



Ice Moon Grove Seed Group,  Anchorage  c/o Carol  email  facebook


Anam Cara Seed Group,  Long Beach area  c/o Bonni   email

Bran (Raven) Grove of Coachella Seed Group,  Palm Springs  c/o Stefen Burchard    email

Doire Bhrighid Seed Group,  San Francisco East Bay area  c/o Susa Morgan Black   email

Fellowship of Birch, Yew and Oak,  Inland Empire, Southern California  c/o Carol Hayward              email   website   facebook

House of Danu,  c/o James L. Bianchi, Esq   email

Llwyn Swynedig Seed Group,  c/o Brian y Tarw Llwyd   email

Mountain Hawk Seed Group,  Kern County Area  c/o Steve Quinn   email

NorCal OBOD Seed Group,  North of Sacramento  c/o Isabel   email   website   Facebook

Quercus Seed Group,  San Francisco East Bay Area  c/o Felicity Grove   email   website

San Diego Grove of Sacred Trails,  California  c/o David Shorey   email   facebook

Spirit of the Acorn Seed Group,  Central California  c/o Guadalupe Rodriguez   email

Star and Stone Druid Fellowship Seed Group,  Los Angeles, Orange Co and the Inland Empire area   email     website


Flame and Well (Dóiteán agus Uisce) Druidic Circle,   Denver area,  c/o Lexi   email   website

Moon Oak and Sickle Seed Group,  Denver,  c/o Jeremy Weaver   email

Sliabh Anam Druid Grove (seed group),  Durango,  c/o Steward Wood   email


Connecticut OBOD Seed Group,  c/o Lisa   email    

Oak and Elm Seed Group,  CT/MA region  c/o Ruth Barbour   email

Seed Group of the Acorn Song,  Suffield,  c/o Gabrielle Roberts   email   facebook


Dryads Grove Seed Group,  c/o Aliyah Cannon   email

Sacred Woods Seed Group,  Hernando County,  c/o Jim   email


Whispers in the Wood Seed Group,  Grovetown area,  c/o Will Glenn   email   facebook

The Oak and Raven Seed group Trion area,  c/o Tyler and Sandra   email


Long Arm Seed Group,  Greater Chicago Area,   c/o Dan and Christina   email   facebook


Black Oak Seed Group,  c/o Erik Goodwyn   email


Firedrake Seed Group, NW Baltimore County,  c/o Maggie Babb   email   website


Silver Branch Grove (seed group),  Byron Center,  c/o James & Casey,   email   Facebook   website


Heart of the Oak Seed Group,  St Louis, c/o Aileen   email   website


Tumbleweed Grove Seed Group,  Pahrump - an hour from Las Vegas  c/o Lorraine Hammock  email    website

New Hampshire

Silent Heron Seed Group,  Lichfield NH,  c/o Fred Bower     email

New York

Three Rivers Grove (seed group),  Manhattan NY, c/o Ken Webster   email   facebook

North Carolina

Ravenites Seed Group,  Charlotte, c/o Dr Stefan Duncan,   email   website

Sylvan Druid Hearth Seed Group,  Sylva, c/o Shirley,   email   website    

Tar River Druid Fellowship,  Greenville area,   email   facebook                                


Roan River Seed Group,  c/o Mary, Hamilton area,   email


The Circle of the Six Fold Path Seed Group,  c/o  Huathe Fearn, Wellston area  email


Cascadia Sunstone Seed Group,  Portland,  c/o Steve Cole,   email   facebook


Hawk and Hemlock Seed Group,  Coopersburg  c/o Roger Arnold   email

Rhode Island

Ocean's Mist Seed Group,  West Warwick,  c/o David P Smith   email

Blackstone Seed Group,  North Providence,  c/o Karon Hartshorn,   email   facebook   website


Celli Sanctaidd O Gerridwen A Lleu Seed Group,  Nashville   c/o John Michael Shrewsbury                       email    website

Star Song Seed Group,  La Follette   c/o Sarah Ingalls Voiles   email    


River of Stars Druid Fellowship,  North Texas area   c/o Clint   email   facebook


Seed group of the Oak and Eagle,  Washington, DC  c/o Dave and Nicole, Burke VA                            email   meetup   website


Circle of Coll Seed Group,  Seattle   c/o Moss Magill   email    website


Dragon Heart Seed Group,  South Central Wisconsin,  c/o Anne O'Brien   email

Divergent Waters Seed Group,  Appleton   c/o Rob Wolfert   email

Foxfire Seed Group, Appleton,   C/o Robert Aikins   email

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