Blog of the Month

Each month we feature a post from a blog of interest to Druids. For May, it is this post from Jeff Lily's blog, Druid Journal.

The Face of Justice

The twitch of the tips of the lips at rest

The hooded eyes that are just awakening, or just sleeping –

Not wide with surprise, or closed in sleep —

Open to let just enough light in, each photon carrying the universe within it —

The rest of the face utterly relaxed, at rest.

The mouth is closed, giving nothing but its tiny smile, accepting nothing.

The nose admits the breath without fuss.

The ears are open, but do not hear everything.

The skin is smooth and untroubled, like the surface of clear still water.

Justice reflected in the face as the images of birds flying over a lake.

Justice does not fall like a hammer

Or rush down from the mountains in a flood.

Justice is silent, quiet, still, almost

Utterly without motion, almost at rest

Except for the eyes that see just enough

And the lips, whose tiny smile

Bends the arc of history just so.



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