Sacred Sites

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Borrowdale from Castle Crag

A lost stone circle in Borrowdale?

by Lesley Elphick & Toby Hindson


A public ritual of Pagans and friends from many paths to protect Albion from fracking is being held at Glastonbury at noon. Over 1500 people have said they will attend, and others are holding ceremonies in different parts of the country, and the world, at the same time. For details of the event go to:

The Brandenburg Gate: Gateway to the Heart

It was the full moon before the summer solstice this morning, a good day to go and do some earth healing. I caught the train into Berlin to visit the Brandenburg Gate. Coming up from the underground station I was met with the busy noise of summer tourism, concrete pavements, the American embassy and a scaffolding company erecting a fenced off stage right around the gate for some concert. I wondered how I would be able to find any quiet to meet this place.