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The Full Truth of the Full Moon in Oak 2015 by Sarah Fuhro

The Oak Full Moon 2015Oak tree with Sunhttp://inmenlo.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/oak_tree_bw.jpg

The Oak tree (Duir in Welsh) is a symbol of Druidry. Some say, the word Druid means: ‘those who know the wisdom of the Oak.’ Druids have been called ‘piglets,’ for pigs love acorns, the seeds of the mighty Oak. Some say the Oak is such a sacred tree because it draws lightning, and lightning is the wand of the top dogs in the God world…..Jupiter, Thor, Shaddai. When we draw what feels like lightning in our own lives, it doesn’t always feel like a blessing. The Tower card in the Tarot illustrates the overwhelming power of the lightning bolt as it throws the two residents of the Tower out of their isolation, and into the abyss of uncertainty.

Tower cardWednesday night, July 1st at 10:20 pm, is the full Moon of Oak here in New England. The Sun is in Cancer. At the Summer Solstice, when the Sun reaches his highest point, he enters the sign of the Moon (Cancer). The two luminaries and the energies of male and female are integrated and intertwined at the moment of high green in the Northern Hemisphere. The Lunar Calendar celebrates this time of light with the king of the trees, Duir, the Oak.

The Sun in nurturing Cancer is closely accompanied by Mars, the planet, which corresponds to the Tower card. The Moon, ruler of Cancer is opposite in the sign of Capricorn, accompanied by Pluto, considered the ‘higher octave’ of Mars. All this to say, there is a lot of powerful energy in this full Moon, which can be expressed both in the constructive energy of Capricorn, and the highly critical energy of Pluto–‘you must tell the truth,’ in polar opposition to the maternal strength of the Cancer Sun, deeply energized by Mars. This could be the time of ‘tough love’ action. This includes the powerful speech given by President Obama at the funeral of Senator Clementa Pinckney, for it was both tender and tough. And in response to the pain and suffering of the congregation, four black churches were burnt to the ground, perhaps driven by fear of the love and forgiveness expressed by families of the murdered prayer circle.

burnt church in Ohio


The full Moon participants, Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto make a square to the Lunar Nodes. They are in Aries (ruled by Mars) and Libra (ruled by Venus).   The message might be one that Obama stressed in the eulogy, it’s time to stop and listen to how our enemy feels.   Aries helps us to understand how we feel, but Libra asks us to take our feelings to the next level of understanding how someone else might feel. I struggle to understand the feelings of those I don’t agree with, and I suppose I shall have to ask those who have suffered much more than I to lead me to that ‘reservoir of kindness,’ which Obama spoke about.SAVE_THE_FLAG_RALLY_06


The benefics, Venus and Jupiter have been in close conjunction during this time of love and hate. Every night after sundown Venus and Jupiter have been sparkling in the sky, bright beyond all comprehension.   They are in Leo, perhaps that makes for their dazzling beauty of self expression in the sky.   In the chart for the full Moon, they are in a fiery trine to Uranus, the revolutionary. If we read a Venus/Jupiter as much love, or the love of god, then how do we understand the impulsive Uranus in the mix, or the sextile, which chatty Gemini makes to Uranus and to Venus/Jupiter.   This could suggest a breakthrough (Uranus) in some form of communication (Mercury) by artists (Venus) inspired by a love of justice or spiritual experience (Jupiter). I recently saw a video production by Sarah Bliss and Rosalyn Driscoll called Blindsight. Images of people touching and moving together in a mysterious water environment were projected on cowhides and translucent fabrics in a labyrinth. Feeling the inside and the outside of this experience brought me back to some kind of ancestral experience in cave rituals. This might be a perfect description of how this group of planets in the chart feels. https://www.facebook.com/events/431539427007343Blindsighthttp://rosalyndriscoll.com



The Water element in the videos brings up the presence of Neptune in Pisces, an oceanic participant trine to the wet Cancer Sun/Mars and sextile to the earthy Moon and Pluto.   Neptune is the ‘higher octave’ of Venus.   Are we approaching a time when we will become more attuned to the outer planet energies? It seems as if both art and astrology are attempting to do this.

And now let us return to the ancient dignity of the oak.   His wide reaching limbs are home to innumerable other plants and animals, large and small. Here is a poem I wrote when I first became a Druid, in homage to Duir.

Black Face
Eat out of my hand, little wild soul,
crazy squirrel, black face singer.
The singer who is my sister is dark, dark.
The hand I extend to the wild animal
is white, white.
I hear the sound of the tinkling bell.
It cracks the silence.
I am like the baby chick
who knows when to break
the perfect architecture
of my isolation.
And I peck my way out,
but not until I am strong enough
to break through can I break through.
The acorn is also an egg.
The chick inside is the king
of the forest.
The oak climbs to the heights
that equal the journey of the sun.
I am looking for the acorns
that feed the wild pigs
in the forest,
and I am black of face.
and white of hand,
and my bell calls my animals.
I make a fire.
and from the charcoal,
the burnt bones of the oak,
hatched from my acorn,
I blacken my face once again .
Sarah Fuhro 1992

Sarah Fuhro

Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive
The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To learn more, please visit www.sarahfuhro.com.