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Light a Candle for the Refugees

A wonderful initiative from a member in the Netherlands:
dearest friends and loved ones,

we often turn to the spirit world for guidance and support in ritual and meditation,
because we seek help for ourselves and our loved ones when our vision seems obscured.
By ways of this email I’d like to call upon our connectedness and our humanity that unites us all:
to light a candle on Sunday the 20th of September in favour of all the refugees who are struggling for their existence at this present moment.
Not because it will bring them a solution in their heartrending situation
but because we together can weave a web of light that way, which may give them strength to go forth on the path they had to choose.
When we all give a minute of our time to light a candle at the same time, at a moment we probably are all celebrating the turning of the wheel from the outer into the inner realms of our druid groves,
it might give insight to the thousands who have left the comfort of their native lands to seek for themselves a life worthwhile living.
My request to you is to create that web of light from 13.30pm when the moon enters Sagittarius on the 20th of September.
From the goodness that gives us faith into the spirit world, I ask you all to support this request:
pass it on, pass it on, pass it on in ALL your communities.
Because in the love of it: there is the love for all existences and in the love of all existences:
the love of God, the Goddess and all Goodness!