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Garth admires Elaine's work at Wildways in Shropshire

All over the world members are creating wonderful projects, artwork, books, poetry and music, and this blog is a space for telling others about your work, or posting about any subject relevant to Druidry or the spiritual quest.

If you are an OBOD member and would like to post here, just email blogs@druidry.org include photos, purchasing information if applicable, your web site, contact information, and any other relevant data, and we’ll post it as soon as we can.

In addition, in this section we announce the latest additions and changes to the website to help you keep up to date.

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First, let’s set the Poets’ league,
‘Tis not a thing Heaven has foreseen;
In formless silence the Poet dawns,
To call of Muse, the Poet forms.

There’s not a thing to do but listen,
As rhythmic aeons leave soul to glisten;
Thunderstruck once the Wild One,
Willingly leads your soul to song.

Stepped steeply into Nature’s weeping,
Finds fine the form of Tradition’s keeping;
A gardener of the endless soul,
Finely tuned tongue on endless roll.

Full Moon of Duir, July 3 at 2:52 pm EDT.

This full Moon will give us a special chance to experience the Uranus/Pluto square together!
Even if the particular degree of this square does not interact with your chart in a highly
significant way, the world around you will resonate with the square’s impact during the moment
of the full Moon. You can dance or shake with the motion reflected. As we watch inner and outer
events, we begin to learn the language of the stars in the way of our ancestors.

my heart’s a heaven
a worm-hole
and a hell
my heart’s a tell-tale
a sing-song
and a loving-spell
my heart’s a warm night
a summer breeze
a midnight-choir bell

 :duir: Tuesday, June 19, the Moon will be new at 11:02 (AM) here on the East Coast
of the U.S. This new Moon will immediately become void of course. After her cheek to
cheek conjunction with the Sun in the last degrees of Gemini, she will have no relationships with
other planets until she moves into her home sign of Cancer at 1:34 in the afternoon. This offers

Keltoi Radio started in Italy in June 2010 as an independent web radio born from the adventurous and pioneering spirit of Hagal, the man, the mind and the druid behind all this operation.

With a very small staff, entirely self funded (up to now), Keltoi opened its doors to all the voices that wanted to have discussions about spirituality in everyday life, nature and its moods and ways.

We are in for more celestial excitement on June 4th as the Moon rounds out to full and then is partially gobbled up in a lunar eclipse, visible in Northwestern U.S and Canada. This does not diminish the effect of the eclipse on all of us where ever we are. Full Moon and eclipse is followed June 5 or 6 (in Europe) with a Venus transit across the Sun-- fun to watch through a local telescope.

An epic 60 episode animated edu-drama series via youtube that will be updated twice per month until December, 2012.

The series follows Peter as he joins the campus Druid grove with the purpose of spending time with his love interest, Sarah. Follow our hero as he is swept up in the internal dynamics, personal tragedies crises that threaten the grove.

Introduction:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqin-zg7jn8

 :huathe:New Moon in Uath-Hawthorne

Traveling through the Holy Land, eighteen strangers are forced to take refuge in Jerusalem during a militant attack. Kept in close quarters in an abandoned building, over the course of four days this group of strangers begin a dialogue, discussing love and evil, religion and god; finding amongst their number a mysterious nameless man who poses a revolutionary perspective on these age-old questions.