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by Alex Langstone, OBOD Bard

Oh Great Divine Spirit of land and sea
Feel the hum of the earth and follow me
Through the deepest glen and darkest cave
The highest cliff and the biggest wave!

Androgynous One of the portal deep
Who visits me during restful sleep
Whirling swirling energy dances spiralling round
From the turning tides below this sacred ground.

Buckator clifftop ancient land
Fire through the blood though once you were banned
Serpentine power coursing through the earth below
Visionary scenes to us you may show -

Revealing the hidden, arcane and the strange
The cosmic inspirer may send us deranged
Flowing through rivers, over land and through sea
Oh Fair Buckator's secret proclaim unto me!

This place of misrule twixt dark hills and the sea
Where elemental creatures may hold the key
To the mystic light from the sun beyond dreams
Where again we find all is not as it seems!

Oh Great Horned Bucka rides the wind and the waves
Amongst the shadowy realm where we tread the maze
Our intangible guide on the crooked path
Whose entrance maybe found in the fiery hearth. 

Lots of new mystical poetry can now be enjoyed on Alex Langstone's Lucifer Bridge Poetry Blog.

Alex is a bard in OBOD and is a member of the ArchDruid Union of the Fellowship of Isis. His work can be viewed on his website www.alexlangstone.co.uk