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The Door Marked Summer


The Door Marked Summer
by John Fitzgerald

Bard John Fitzgerald shares with us a piece he describes as "...a meditation on Manchester, my home city, and on the creativity and imagination which brings the place alive. It's about awareness really and the importance of nurturing our sense of wonder and recognising that the world around us, town or country, is always charged with suggestiveness, poetry and possibility. Though the piece is 'about' Manchester you don't, I hope, need any knowledge of the city to read and enjoy it and I feel that people from rural environments will be able to resonate with its themes just as much as 'urban rats' like myself."

"It sounds surreal I know, but I’m increasingly fascinated at the moment, obsessed even, with the many and various doorways one sees peppered around Manchester city centre. There is, to my mind, something highly suggestive at work here. Doors, for instance, to the old cotton warehouses in the Village and also along Dale Street – from the Northern Quarter to Piccadilly Station.

"Equally arresting are these graffiti-laced portals we meet ‘down the underpass’, beneath the Mancunian Way.

"What’s this all about then?

"Where does it go? Who’s got the key?"

John writes, "The [Bardic] course has certainly played a major part in encouraging creativity in my life. I've been writing a fair bit of prose and poetry and I think this piece, The Door Marked Summer, is about the best of what I've done so far."

I haven't seen anything else of his, but if The Door Marked Summer is a representative sample, I hope he'll share more of his works with us!

Click here to download The Door Marked Summer as a pdf.