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Meditation, Tarot, and Rune Guide Booklets and CDs


Debbie Merritt, a Druid-grade member from Holsworthy, UK, has published several booklets and CDs that will be useful to anyone, whether experienced or novice, who wishes to practice meditation. Also available are books on tarot and runes. All products may be purchased through Mercury Rising Books.

 Meditation for Beginners and Strugglers
147 mm x 210 mm

This booklet came from a workshop of the same name. The workshop arose from the author finding her own ideal and simple way into meditation, and realising the need of others to be able to do the same thing. Many people have now benefited from the workshop and the CD and booklet that accompany it. 


  • Introduction
  • Where are you now?
  • Things to remember
  • Things that will really help
  • In the beginning...
  • Visualisations and Guided Meditations
  • Conclusion


Meditation for Beginners and Strugglers CD

This CD came from a workshop of the same name. The workshop arose from the author finding her own ideal and simple way into meditation, and realizing the need of others to be able to do the same thing. Many people have now benefited from the workshop and the CD and booklet that accompany it.

It includes an introduction, two guided exercises, one for centering and balancing yourself, and one for relaxation and self-healing, both designed to relax your mind and body prior to going into meditation. These exercises in themselves are useful to use on a daily basis. They are followed by a guided meditation, and a conclusion. 

The exercises and meditation are on the CD twice, once with music, and once without, should you prefer to work in silence.




Meditation for Spiritual Development –booklet and CD

This booklet and accompanying CD is intended for those who have some experience of meditating. If you are an absolute beginner, or are struggling then please buy my booklet and/or CD, Meditation for Beginners and Strugglers first, and practice those exercises before moving on to these. 

This booklet and CD is the result of my Meditation for Spiritual Development workshop. The workshop is, in a way, a representation of the way in which I have used meditation for my own spiritual development. Many books have been written on meditation, but for just as many people they go far too deeply into the subject. This booklet is a starting point, use what you will, let it take you where your spirit needs to go. Always remember that the destination isn’t important, but the journey certainly is, enjoy it! 

 Booklet includes:

  • Building visual meditations from written texts
  • Various exercises to practice
  • Guided meditations
  • Revisiting dreams or meditations
  • Building your own meditations
  • Creating your own pathworkings
  • Moving on

CD includes:

  • Counting the breaths
  • Guided meditation to 'the library'
  • Guided pathworking to meet Archangel Uriel
  • Guided meditation 'the challenge'
  • Journey drumming

My grateful thanks go to my wonderful workshop participants without whom the booklets and CDs would not have been made, the wonderful Neil H and his inspiring music, who has allowed me to use under licence his track Uriel from Resonation of Angels, to Susan Garlick for her inspiration, encouragement and gift of her drumming for the last meditation on the CD. — Debbie Merritt


Seasonal Meditations,  2 CDs

The 8 guided meditations on these two CDs along with the included booklet, take us through the cycle of nature in this land of Britain. 

They arose through my workshop Living the Celtic Year, and using them helps us to focus on the festivals of Summer and Winter Solstice, Spring and Autumn Equinox, Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhuin. 

Each festival can bring opportunities for spiritual and material growth, each has a slightly different focus, each gives us different opportunities. 

Disc 1: Introduction, Counting the Breaths, Imbolc Meditation, Beltane Meditation, Lammas Meditation, Samhuin Meditation. 

Disc 2: Counting the breaths, Spring Equinox Meditation, Summer Solstice Meditation, Autumn Equinox Meditation, Winter Solstice Meditation.



Tarot and Oracle Card Reading for Beginners and Strugglers

Perhaps you've just got interested in the ranges of beautiful card decks there are and are wondering where to start? Or, perhaps you've had a deck for ages, but just can't get in to it? If so, this booklet is for you. 

We meet many people in our travels as mobile esoteric booksellers who look at the range on offer and are simply baffled. In this booklet I aim to give you some simple guidance to help your understanding and get you started. I’ll be going through the questions that we are most asked, and give you the answers that we would give if we were standing face to face. 

Obviously as a booklet this can't be as in depth as some of the books you can buy, but often they have more information than you need to get started, and so are often bought and then are unread. 

Chapters include:

  • The difference between Tarot and Oracles
  • Choosing a deck
  • Getting to know your cards
  • Reading for others
  • Spreads
  • Conclusion
  • Further reading and suggested decks
  • Acknowledgements 


Runes for Beginners and Strugglers, by Steve Merritt, OBOD Ovate
147 mm x 210 mm
Paperback booklet

Have you got a set of runes hidden in the back of a drawer or cupboard, hidden away because you didn't understand the instructions? Or are you just thinking about trying to work with the runes and wondering where to start? 

This booklet gives easy to remember meanings for the runes –upright and reversed (where applicable). The meanings are often given as a story to make them more memorable, and although some of them have up-to-date descriptions (such as a golf rune, and a Sleeping Beauty rune) the basic meaning remains true to the original. 

As well as meanings, the booklet gives you several ideas as to how to cast and read the runes, as well as tips for learning the meanings and practicing your readings.

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