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Pathways to Enlightenment

I was at the Spring Moot of the Society of Leyhunters yesterday. A great ‘family/tribe’ atmosphere – 30 or so of us in the Friends Meeting House in Brighton, laptops and projectors whirring, tea and biscuits, and discussion abounding over sites and leys. The first speaker was Chris Street, a long-time member of the Order who I remember from 15 or more years ago. Chris’ passion is for ley lines – not just as terrestrial features – but, as he puts it, ‘pathways to enlightenment’. His latest book, ‘London’s Ley Lines‘ is an absolute gem. In its 215 pages Chris offers us a three part feast. In Part One he gives an introduction to ley lines and offers us his personal take on the subject: he believes that leys are pathways that can lead you through personal experience and initiation to a form of gnosis – in other words towards illumination. By the time I had finished this lucid 18 page overview of the subject I was convinced. Chris has a very pleasant way of writing – easy, informal, and with the odd joke thown in. But he has also done his research, and in the next two parts of this book this really shows. Part Two introduces you to the four leys Alfred Watkins located in London, and in Part Three he details over a dozen leys he or others have discovered running through the capital. Chris finishes the book with ideas about how to work at sacred sites and along leys, and suggests blessings and prayers to use. As he says near the end of the book: ‘The X Files was right about one thing. The truth is out there. Scully off and find it’. You can get a copy from Amazon.