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Susie Latchford Photographs


Susie Latchford Photographs

Susie Latchford is a photographer in Essex, UK, who expresses her Bardic creativity through the medium of (mostly) black-and-white photography. She writes:

"I’ve always taken pictures. As a small child with a Polaroid Instamatic and later with various compact cameras – I still have my Olympus Trip and Canon Sureshot! 

"In 2003 I decided to study photography formally and studied at City and Guilds level for 2 years as a part-time evening student. In this way I was introduced to the medium of black and white 35mm photography and it was love at first sight. :) 

"At the same time my interest in a spiritual path was growing. As the years have progressed I have tried to put my love of photography together with my love of the Mother Earth and reverence for her beautiful cloak of living beings. 

"This is a selection of photos which I thought people might enjoy. There is one colour photo amongst the crowd of black and white which shows a crescent moon above a naked tree in February 2008. Although slightly out of focus, it’s so magical that I have included it. 

"Although still fond of my 35mm cameras, I have taken the plunge and have started using a digital SLR and software instead of a darkroom. Although it's been a big leap for such a staunch defender of the darkroom, one must learn and grow! 

"In the last 18 months I was commissioned to do a set of three photos of water and rocks for a colleague at work for her new bathroom; acted as official photographer at my sister-in-law's wedding and at the wedding of a friend from work; last month I was delighted to be invited to take official portrait shots of my friends and their newborn babe. 

"My current project, which will come to fruition and start at Samhuinn, is to design and produce pagan celebration cards for the 8 festivals at the request of some friends. 

"I hope in time to be able to give up the ‘day job’ and spend more time learning the craft of photography and earn a living sharing the wonder of this world. 

"If you are interested in buying a print, please get in touch. I am able to supply the pictures in black or white mounts ready for framing at a cost of £3.95 + £1 postage and packaging.

Bright blessings,
Susie Latchford"