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The Tree Mothers


The Tree Mothers
by Leigh Gadell Barret
Paperback, 294 pages

The Tree Mothers: Living Wisdom of the Celtic Ogham is unique in Ogham studies, bringing together the worlds of the Tree Ogham, Nature, Faery and Goddess. Carrying ancient lore forward to modern life, The Tree Mothers shows the path to creating a relationship with the living Trees, while discovering your authentic self, both in this world and the Otherworld. Taking us on a journey that spans the Wheel of the Year, The Tree Mothers brings us deep into the Grove, into the living experience of the Sacred Trees of the Celtic Ogham and the energies of their lunar and solar cycles.

Who are the Tree Mothers?

Rooted between Sky and Earth, Trees are messengers.  Sharing wisdom of the worlds from above and below, they are the connecting point. One way to better understand the Trees is through the mythical forms of tree spirits. These are the spirits that our senses and intuition can perceive and that our minds form into shapes similar to our own, the Dryads.