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Update on “Celtic Maidens”


Celtic Maidens
by Ceri Norman
Available now from Amazon.com or the author’s website,  http://cerinorman.com
224 pp., paperback

Author Ceri Norman writes to tell us that her first novel, Celtic Maidens, was released on July 26, ahead of the anticipated schedule! (Seehttp://druidcircle.wordpress.com/2010/05/06/celtic-maidens-a-novel-by-ceri-norman/ for the original book announcement, and visit the author’s site athttp://cerinorman.com.)

Reviews include:

        ·         “Highly atmospheric and imaginative.”
        ·         “Redolent with atmosphere and with a narrative that in turn surprises and spooks the reader, Celtic Maidens is a journey into the past, present and future that cannot fail to satisfy the reader on many levels.”

Ceri is available for book signings, talks and interviews.  For more information or to contact Ceri please e-mail her at ceri@cerinorman.com or visithttp://cerinorman.com.  Ceri is also a freelance writer for Spiritual/New Age magazines on the topics of Faeries, Angels, Druidry, and Folklore.