We are pleased to introduce another piece of literature by one of our members. Rachel Pruitt is a writer, storyteller, and teacher with a lifelong fascination for Celtic mythology and the Arthurian legend.  Her Arthurian poetry has been published in Paradox magazine (2008 and 2009) and her article “To Dream a Dragon” appeared in the award-winning 2011 writing anthology, Many Genres, One Craft.  She has  also published nonfiction articles detailing, “Myths for Our Time”©, a personal mythology process she developed while an Artist in Residence in the Pacific Northwest.  The Dragon’s Harp is her first novel, and the first in a projected series of five books following the life of Gwenhwyfar, King Arthur’s famous Queen. 

As she explains, "As many of you already know, I am delighted to announce the publication of my first novel.  It is a work of Arthurian historical fantasy, first in a 5 book series: Era of Dragons: The Lost Tales of Gwenhwyfar. This first book, The Dragon’s Harp, is set in northern Wales during the 5th century CE and follows the coming of age of the young Gwenhwyfar.  Merlin appears in the third chapter and will remain through the series. He is, after all, Gwenhwyfar’s Uncle! 

The Dragon’s Harp is rooted deep into the soil of my research of Welsh mythology and what little is known about Welsh history of the time. Druids, priestesses, dark forces (both human and unseen) abound.  There is also a very special dragon, Cymry, whom I suspect many of you will come to love as much as I have.  I also assure those of you who care about history that, much as I love mythology and fantasy, the world I have created for Gwen also reflects the historical reality of a very dangerous and bloody time period.  My book is written with adult and mature teen readers in mind, it is not a book for children. 

Please enjoy exploring my website and share what you think of The Dragon's Harp. I very much look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, readers, wherever you are, may your lives be filled with magic, sweetness, creativity, and grace… .with just a touch of mystery…..whispering of other world realms…"

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Dragon’s Harp is currently available as a Kindle and KOBO eBook.  The first printed version will be available on Amazon by March 8.

For more, please visit Rachel at http://www.rachaelpruitt.comor her Facebook Author's page: https://www.facebook.com/GwenhwyfarEraofDragonsSeriesbyRachaelPruitt

or on Twitter: http://twitter.com/EraOfDragons