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Strength Yields

Barren strength of rock
Yields to soft persuasion
Windblown seeds crack, bring forth
From death throes, fragile beauty
Death-wielding birth
Life-giving death

Threadlike roots reach, tentative,
Blindly search for nourishment
Slender stem yearns toward light
Knowing its need of warmth
Humbly vulnerable
Nobly dependent

Cracks formed in granite’s face
Herald a wisp of pale green
Leaves unfurl, tiny brave banners
Masterpiece unseen yet perfect
Simple complexity
Modesty’s triumph

Delicate petals withdraw
Yet protect fertile center
Bloom soft ‘mid seeming harshness
Lift in joyful abandon
Confident frailty
Meek tenacity

Sun may sear it, exposed; instead
He bathes it in radiance
Deluge could drown, rock might crush
But rain soothes, stone shelters
Strength’s threat undone
Gently shelters beauty

Herein a lesson, fearful yet sweet:
You may destroy me; I must trust you will not.

by Eira L'osee Stine