Walter William Melnyk, known to many in OBOD as OakWyse, has been an OBOD Druid since 2002. He has recently published a third book in his Tales of Avalon Series. Unlike the first two, The Apple and the Thorn and Tales of Avalon, this one is not a novel. Rather, The Wisdom of Avalon is a republication of the Thirteen Marsh Tales (from Tales of Avalon) in a separate volume, together with reflection questions for each Tale and suggestions for using the Tales in Daily Meditations. All three are self-published under his Ancient Marshes imprint by

The Apple and the Thorn was co-authored with British Druid Emma Restall Orr and published in 2007. A second edition, with some revision, came out in 2011. Tales of Avalon was published in 2010.

You can read excerpts of both novels, as well as The Wisdom of Avalon (published this year) at Melnyk’s website:

All three books are available in paperback and Kindle format on and

From Tales of Avalon and The Wisdom of Avalon:

These are the Marsh Tales,
being the ancient Wisdom of Affalon,
told by Vivian to Eosaidh of Cornualle
in the days before the Romans came,
and taught to Cethin the herbalist
by Fianna, at the changing of the world.

I. Morla's Belly
II. The Dark Lady of Llyn y Cysgodion
III. Doeth and the Marsh Sedge
IV. The Lost Land of Iwerydd
V. The Lights of the Ellylldan
VI. The Visit of the Bendith y Mamau
VII. The Old Frog of Bryn Llyffaint
VIII. The Tinner and the Coblynau
IX. Hiraeth's Tears
X. The Gwraig Annwn
XI. The Coming of the Lady
XII. The Dragon's Womb
XIII. The Last Tale

And from the Tales of the Dark Lady of Llyn y Cysgodion:

It was a time beyond the memory of times. The marshes were vast and dark, and the boundaries between earth, sea and sky were less certain than they are today. The Dark Lady was a rumor that haunted the reeds, hovered above the black waters, sank into the deep mud. All was empty and silent, save for the soft whisper of changing currents. For the marshes always were, but it was the Dark Lady who brought them to life.