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Pirate & Hoopoe, an adventure novel for all ages

We are pleased to present a fantastic adventure novel for all ages.


(February 15, 2012---Berkeley, CA) "Wall Street meets The Jungle Book" is how some people describe the illustrated adventure novel PIRATE & HOOPOE (February 2012, Dromedary Press). The talking animals of Spring Valley have lived in peace for centuries, but change is afoot when a rapacious band of land developers arrives to exploit this enchanted place. Through good sense, wits, and a bit of magic, the animals show the men how to discover life's true treasures.

Illustrator Karima Cammell says: "PIRATE & HOOPOE was conceived during the 1990s, a time when society's desires seemed split between environmentalism and quick-fix convenience. As I watched the dot-com bubble grow, then burst, I had concerns that an inspirational story of good will trumping corporate greed was no longer relevant. But this longstanding battle is sadly back in the news in a big way, so now feels like the right time for PIRATE & HOOPOE to join the fray and spark some discussion."

Following in the tradition of Treasure Island and Robinson Crusoe, PIRATE & HOOPOE is a 21st-century adventure novel for readers of all ages. Children will love the animals' quest for treasure and the pratfalls of Pirate's Cronies. Adult readers will appreciate the story's social and literary allusions.

PIRATE & HOOPOE is 272 pages long, features 23 full-page watercolor illustrations, and comes with a special envelope containing two surprises inset into the back cover.

DIARMID CAMMELL (b.1945, d.2009) was a storyteller, mystic, acclaimed translator, and scholar. The youngest son of Scottish poet Charles Richard Cammell, he was a renowned actor as a child and an accomplished photographer as an adult. Following a youth in 1960s London, Diarmid spent his later life in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

KARIMA CAMMELL (b.1974) is a painter and book publisher. In 2001 she opened Castle in the Air, a celebrated shop, studio, classroom, and gallery which recognizes the internal life of the artist and all those who dare to live their dreams. Karima lives with her husband and two daughters in her native Berkeley, California.

PIRATE & HOOPOE by Diarmid Cammell, illustrated by Karima Cammell

ISBN-13: 978-0-9788966-0-7 Price: $55.00, 272 Pages, Hardcover, 71?4" x 93?4" Publication Date: February 2012