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Healing Waters by Eilthireach

I hunted for deer on the wind-swept plains
and helped my people to erect the stones
I was with the Druids when they went up the Tor
To attain initiation under the stars
I was a Templar riding into battle
Piebald standard high on my lance

Many summers have passed, many winters went away
good years and bad years, birth and death
the road is steep and the pilgrim is tired
the quest is old and the Grail still veiled
and empty windows of castles long gone
stare upon a liveless wasteland

I was a hungry hunter
a builder without plan
I was a priest deserted by his gods
a warrior wounded and weary

Is there still hope?

I found a place where the land is green
where mighty trees whisper of healing
I found a place where a gentle wind
carries the scent of earth and leaves
And the soothing sacred waters
took all the pain away from me

I found a place where a peaceful spirit
guides and nourishes all that lives
I found a place where past and present
live together in harmony
And where magicians still walk their path
carrying forward the sacred flame

O island of apples, o land of the Grail
O earth of enchantment, o valley of dreams
O realm of beauty where peace ever dwells
where mighty oaks live and the Thorn stands in bloom
and the spirit soars with the dragons
Hail unto thee, sacred Avalon!

With blessing and worship to 'the holiest erthe in Englande', where every visit seems to become an initiation.
Sol in 14° Sagittarius, Luna in 7° Taurus, Anno IVxix (07.12.2011 e.v.)