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Pepper Scott was a valued member of the order and a fierce supporter of the Message Board. As we spring forward, we dust off the cobwebs and find all sorts of precious items long forgotten. This is one sort of precious item sitting in the dust of the archives of the Eisteddfod Competition archives. It is a 9x9x9 poem (9 syllables, 9 lines per verse, 9 verses) for which she was famous. We offer this in memory of Pepper Scott and hope you enjoy it.


Oh, primordia! rent from my soul
The essence of who I was to be
Calculated time knew no second
To register in that ancient sea
Still less than cells, but thinking as one
We knew nothing of our destiny
One wee molecule of no concern
Dashed in unsuspecting ecstasy
‘til evolution split he from me

Oh, evolus! must you be so cruel?
To you just a cell, tooled as a joke
Halving, to create much larger lives
Two who suckled from one single yolk
Now swim separately, torn apart
Seeking in blindness, this salty soak
One for the other ‘til each life ends
But born to new lives we still awoke
Lost for a mem’ry to yet evoke

Oh, matria! your birth pangs we felt
Sentient planet, you knew our names
Crawling now, yet far apart, we watched
Your contortions spurred by lofty aims
I rode the icy floe of glacier
He the volcanoes eruptive flames
Ice and fire, we bore witness to
Energies that only spirit tames
From a world apart rose dragon dames

Oh, patria! greenman caress her
Lush and virile you drove deep within
From the north I watched all green things grow
And felt this longing yet once again
For something missing deep in the south
I walked now, having shed wing and fin
My feet must take me to what I sought
My soul was lost, I must seek it then
And retrace my steps to where I’d been

Oh, pantheon! known by all your names
Acquaint us with all your ways to life
My brain had grown to seek more than food
The ways of man were now fraught with strife
Wars and bloodshed spent in all gods’ names
The days of woman imprisoned wife
But no bars for me, to war I went
In battle we met, my fear was ryfe
We knew then, and you spared me your knife

Oh, atlantys! the illusive realm
The ignorant have long pondered you
From plato’s own come the skulls we seek
For only the learn-ed know this view
Again we met, my soul-lord and I
Sages and mages we sat, we few
When man stopped hearing we closed our eyes
Then sank beneath apathetic milieu
Souls parted again to blackened hue

Oh, sollar! Grantor the eye of ra
Your rays bake the muds of egypt’s land
Ra, wing-ed hawk flown into my soul
I watch great stones rise from your verand
The crook and flail again unite us
This strange on and off forever band
Millions of years have now come and gone
Crawling across ice to desert sand
To join with my soul now, hand in hand

Oh, sellena! Light the darkened way
Goddess of love, empress of the night
What frail humor, that you suffer us
From your jeweled throne on lofty height
These lands are so harsh and cold and wet
Yet keltoi tribes still call us to fight
Lover, brother, might he not be slain?
His role changes with ev’ry life light
Destined to seek him through inner sight

Oh, infinity! Here we now rest
Not in days, months or millions of years
But in no-time, in no-life, just void
Searching for meaning in layered tiers
From a single cell to long lost soul
Primordial march to knighted fears
I cast searching breath upon the winds
Now lost in sighs as nothingness nears
Our time is past, launched from ancient piers

We are nothing, yet everything…

Piastra 2006