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The AOnne, a novel by J. Newell

What can be worse than finding out that your friends betrayed you? You can lose them all by getting stuck in a world full of aliens who all hate you because you unleashed destruction onto their home.

When the destruction of Earth causes Jack to be sucked through a worm-hole into a different, more innocent universe, the protagonists, all stuck in their own personal lows, are thrown together to save the world. But Jack did not come alone, a Dark Entity followed him through and is using him as a foothold in the new universe, poisoning the AOnne, the net connecting all life, in the process.

Seemingly insurmountable odds force the characters to confront the traumas and conflicts of their lives, interrupted by frantic action but also by tender moments and love: Mack and Farrah have to come to terms with their relationship within the complex Hegorn society, where 3 spouses are the rule for both sexes, Avanka makes first experiences with boys which do not turn out well at all, while Jack is trying to get over losing everything and everyone he ever loved. In the process they grow into a team that gives the bad guys a run for their money.

They are helped by an unlikely combination of friends, which range from a flying dinosaur, to an intelligent school of carp, to a philosophizing but ever miserable mushroom and its symbiont, the tree Deanna, with culture clashes that produce hilarious results.

But evil is strong and has long roots, friends turn out to be have rotted in their core unnoticed, motives previously hidden by politeness come to light when given the opportunity.

And then there is the soul of the universe itself, which has a mind of its own...

 J. Newell describes the process of the writing of his new novel: "A few years ago I started to write some short stories. After a while I realised that the short stories not only became more positive than the first two or three, but also started to converge and interact with each other. 'Fine," I thought, "let's write a book then, it's not that I ever have to publish it.'

The book ended up almost writing itself, with me trying to keep up with the ideas popping into my head, and a while later I had a book with a beginning, a middle, and an end. So I decided to publish it after all, I just didn't advertise for it.

As it happened, the most powerful entity in the book was a tree.

As it happened, the title is "The AOnne", which is the net connection all life.

As it happened, I wrote most of the book living in a trailor on a muck heap, surrounded by horses, turkeys, dogs, cats and pigs - 5 miles away from Stonehenge,where I had planned on having a 2 month vacation and ended up staying for 9 months.

I didn't think much of this, but having worked through most of the bardic grade now, I do see amazingly many synchronicities."

This book will likely appeal to fans of Terry Pratchett's Disc World Series, Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and movies/TV shows such as Avatar, Star Trek and Stargate SG 1. A free sample can be downloaded both from www.lulu.com and Googlebooks and is available in both kindle and paperback versions at amazon.com.