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New Moon Report by Sarah Fuhro

 :huathe:New Moon in Uath-Hawthorne

As I write this on Saturday morning, the day before the New Moon of May 20, I am in that excited state of anticipation I often feel a few days before a new Moon. Our Moon is in the Dark period of her cycle, and this may also be a time of some sadness, a period we experience as a ‘Motherless Child.’ She is ‘unavailable’ to us in her marriage with the Sun, and her ever changing face is missing from our sky. The moment of the Moon’s perfect conjunction with the Sun (New Moon) will be at 7:48 EDT-11.48 GMT.

This particular new Moon of Gemini occurs only hours after the Sun enters this sign and so the sense of ‘newness’ is especially present in almost palpable form. Add to this the Solar Eclipse, which takes place at this new Moon, and it makes it a very special time for ritual and conscious alignment with the celestial dance.

This is an annular eclipse, there will be a ring of light still shining around the Sun as in the image above. It will be visible in the Northwestern part of the U.S. and Canada, and most of  Asia. It has a wide path and will be of long duration. The eclipse will begin at 20:56 GMT. Eclipses occur close to the same degree every nineteen years. On May 21, 1993 there was a total eclipse at 03° of Gemini I remember very well because it occurred on the afternoon of my mother in law’s funeral, and at a period of intense career development for me as it took place in my tenth house, the theater of worldly effort and visibility. Here is another encounter with the same eclipse point, a time when we each have the opportunity to look at what was central nineteen years ago and see if it is completed or ready to move to another level of manifestation. People born nineteen years ago often find this a time of trial and error, for they are finishing a cycle of Sun and Moon, which may indicate the necessity to further separate from parental influence, guidance or control, whether or not they feel ready to do so.

Held in the chart of this moment of the new Moon, is a grand trine, equilateral triangle, a pattern also prominent during the last full Moon. Once again the main players in this trine are Pluto and Mars with the third point, the asteroid Vesta. Vesta seems to be an indicator of money issues, which when combined with Mars and Pluto, suggest some very wrenching news which cannot be hidden (Pluto) and will have an element of danger and aggressive energy (Mars). In  the U.S. this might be symbolized by the news concerning J.P. Morgan, where huge losses were suddenly ‘discovered’ due to unregulated speculation. A grand trine in the earth element gives a practical, materialistic spin on all of this. Vesta was the goddess of the hearth and combined with Mars and Pluto she could indicate the necessity to be very careful about the security of the home at this time. Unfortunately, this is also a time of increased bank foreclosures and many people will lose their hearth during this Mars Pluto Vesta triangulation, but like all astrological patterns, as a society and as individuals, it gives us the opportunity to transform (Pluto) the safety of home ownership (Vesta) with rigorous (Mars) care. Do we have the will to do this or will we continue to pick up the pieces after disaster strikes?

The sign of this new Moon-- Gemini is all about communication, and the exploration of duality which this sign suggests. It’s also about commerce and siblings and the community where we live. How will you take this combination of energies and make the best use of it over the next few weeks? Where does Gemini live in your chart?

Sun and Moon have just passed over the Pleiades, which dwell in the last degrees of Taurus. The Pleiades are a place of immense importance to all cultures who watch the skies. Their rising and setting were the marks of important seasonal celebrations worldwide. Jupiter and Mercury are very close to them at this time as well, which magnifies their influence (Jupiter). In many cultures the Pleiades were seen as teachers or ancestors who could advise and help us evolve. Mercury in their realm amplifies this opportunity to learn what they would teach our planet. In order to benefit from their ancient and vital wisdom, we might once more silence our own chatter and hear what is offered. We talk about sustainability and the need to transform human interaction with our earth, but do we listen to what communication is offered by these lovely star guides?

The Sun and Moon are in opposition to the asteroid Juno and sextile to another asteroid, Pallas Athena. Juno is all about marriage, Pallas Athena has strong connections to knowledge and creativity. But she is also an agent of transgender differences for she was born from Zeus’s head and bore no children herself. To make all this even more interesting, we have Neptune in square to both Juno, while Sun and Moon and Juno are in a trine to Pallas Athena. We are presently going through an intense period of conversation about marriage (Juno), sexual differences, (Pallas Athena) and a confusing (Neptune) amount of conversation (Gemini) about the spiritual and religious ramifications (Neptune) of who may marry whom. Around the time of the winter solstice, The Sun will conjunct Juno in Sagittarius. I wonder if some change might take place at that time in terms of wider acceptance (Sagittarius) of marriage for those who choose a partner of their own sex.

Venus and Saturn are in a perfect trine in this Moon chart. The Old Man and the Maiden are both in retrograde motion, the slow dance which says: You must wait. Saturn is in Libra, a sign Venus rules and Saturn exalts within. Venus is in the chatty sign of Gemini a friend, rather than the lover you may be yearning to meet. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon and eclipse is: A glass bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders. We are offered the opportunity to see what lies in the unconscious while remaining in the psychic safety of our conscious perceptions.

The (Uath) Hawthorn Moon is sacred to the dark side of the goddess and because of her five petaled blossom, perhaps Venus in her wild ecstatic self. Hawthorn is the home of the faerie realm and marks the month of May as a period of cleansing and initiation into deeper mysteries. This is a Moon requiring courage and the knowledge of how to follow love to a new level of understanding.

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