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Full Moon of Hawthorn June 4, 2012 by Sarah Fuhro

We are in for more celestial excitement on June 4th as the Moon rounds out to full and then is partially gobbled up in a lunar eclipse, visible in Northwestern U.S and Canada. This does not diminish the effect of the eclipse on all of us where ever we are. Full Moon and eclipse is followed June 5 or 6 (in Europe) with a Venus transit across the Sun-- fun to watch through a local telescope. Venus transit takes place twice, eight years apart, but will not repeat again until 2117. This is the second and last pass of Venus across the face of the Sun in this cycle. It will be visible at sunset in North America and at sunrise in Europe.

As we look at the chart for this moment of high manifestation we see that the Moon will have to hold her own, flanked only by the lunar node, while the Sun has a whole court of planets and asteroids on his side of the wheel. Rather than the more gracious Grand Trine we have seen over the past new and full Moons, this moment features a Grand Square in the sky, which creates a high level of tension. Be aware that some of the driving energy we may feel at this time does not have to motivate us towards immediate action, even though Mars (the planet of action) makes a square to Sun and Moon with an exact square to Venus. It is important to keep the long term goals of relationships in focus because Mars will tell you action is required NOW!

Mercury is now at the same degree of Gemini that Venus occupied during the new Moon trine Saturn in the sign of relationship, Libra. Listen for the more measured council of Mercury and Saturn to balance the impulsive energy of Mars and Venus.

Chiron, asteroid of healing and new perspectives on medicine is the fourth angle in the chart. He is still within shouting distance of Neptune so the potential for understanding our bodies in a non mechanistic light is still pouring in on us. Healing, as part of the Piscean model of deep compassion, seems to be spoken of more and more during this passage.

Pluto has moved out of the powerful trine with Mars we have seen over the last two Moon milestones, he is getting closer and closer to a square with Uranus to become exact on June 24th for the first of a seven exact squares between 2012-2015. The last time we had squares between these two planets (1932-34) was during the depression when Uranus was in Aries as he is today and Pluto was in Cancer. For this series of squares Pluto is in Capricorn, the opposite sign. How we do business is under transformation during this period, as are all our institutions, government, education. Anything with a structure, which has not been questioned for a while, is in for a wild ride. Pluto and Uranus were conjunct during the 1960’s, a period we still remember as a time of upheaval, revolution and social reordering. The square is already potent and this full Moon gives us a preview of the tension and confusion, which lie ahead for all of us. Creativity is the best tool for old problems during this time of revolution and upheaval. How do we want society to look when we imagine the future? Fear is rampant during these periods of Uranus Pluto interaction, and the rise of fascism was one response during the 30’s. Those who have the most powerful imagination will build the future, for better or worse. Many of the very powerful changes, which were demanded during the 30’s and 60’s, actually were made manifest during the years after the square had completed.

The asteroid Ceres is now within one degree (22 Taurus) of her discovery. She is the earth mother, Demeter, who lost her child Persephone, but regains her again at the beginning of the new growing season. Ceres is quite close to her brother Jupiter in this chart and the two of them offer us yet another chance to reconnect to our planet, our home, with the deep and sensual love of Taurus. They are directly across from the asteroid Juno, Jupiter’s wife. Juno is a marker of marriage, or any kind of sexual liaison, money and cows, once the equivalent of money. She is often connected to Taurus because of this combination, but at the present moment she is in Scorpio, opposite Taurus and perhaps in some pain because of this. She often marks a place of discontent, and can therefore be the means to transform some aspect of life, which may be comfortable for the majority, but uncomfortable for others.

Riding high in the chart are Uranus and Pallas Athena, asking us to envision something of the highest wisdom! This coincides nicely with the Sabian Symbol for the Moon: (SAGITTARIUS 15°): THE GROUND HOG LOOKING FOR ITS SHADOW ON GROUND-HOG DAY, FEBRUARY 2. The value of anticipating new turns of events and ascertaining future prospects The Sabian Symbol for the Sun: (GEMINI 15°): TWO DUTCH CHILDREN TALKING TO EACH OTHER, EXCHANGING THEIR KNOWLEDGE. The need to clarify one's experiences through actual contacts with like-minded individuals.

Hawthorn is a tree of great divinatory power and a gateway to the faerie realm. Her blossoms are never brought into the house because of this. She marks a time of cleansing and purity, the spiky side of the goddess.

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