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All over the world members are creating wonderful projects, artwork, books, poetry and music, and this blog is a space for telling others about your work, or posting about any subject relevant to Druidry or the spiritual quest.

If you are an OBOD member and would like to post here, just email blogs@druidry.org include photos, purchasing information if applicable, your web site, contact information, and any other relevant data, and we’ll post it as soon as we can.

In addition, in this section we announce the latest additions and changes to the website to help you keep up to date.

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Introducing Keltoi Radio

Keltoi Radio started in Italy in June 2010 as an independent web radio born from the adventurous and pioneering spirit of Hagal, the man, the mind and the druid behind all this operation.

With a very small staff, entirely self funded (up to now), Keltoi opened its doors to all the voices that wanted to have discussions about spirituality in everyday life, nature and its moods and ways.

In the last two years those behind Keltoi Radio have gathered amazing talent both in Italy and around the world. Originally conceived as a Celtic radio station, it has spread its interest and action to science, different spiritual paths, natural well being, innovative building techniques, healing methods, music programs, concerts and more to come! Its members and contributors have limitless energy so that visions flow freely!

This new enterprise will be entirely in English with contributions from all over the world. The  aim is to create a network of awareness and light around the globe.  The venture will begin with a two day a week program (Wednesday and Thursday) between 6:30 a.m. and 8.30 a.m. Italian time.

Some of our speakers will have a bi-monthly program and others will be interviews or will participate in special programs. The goal is to involve people from around the world to share some of their hard-earned wisdom to help us all navigate through these  difficult times.

Visit www.keltoiradio.org.

First up, Wednesday June 20, 2012: MAHAKALA The Great Time

Perhaps the times we are living at the moment are not so great, but reconnecting to our sources of life will give us the energy and balance needed to cross any river of life. Mahakala, a Sanskrit word, refers to the great wheel of time that accompanies both our individual times, as well as the aeons of time since the beginning of our planet. During our conversations we will walk on this wheel, like the ancient native people used to do the world over, in order to find space and time otherwise lost in the daily confusion.

We will find nourishment at the feet of great masters, both humans and non. We will listen to and look for the signs in nature, we will grow during the journey, always in beauty and respect for all living beings.

Antonella Vicini, after 2 years of Tirthayatra (pilgrimage in Sanskrit) starts a new program for Keltoi International and is also in charge of coordinating the new programs in English only.

Your participation and questions will make this time together a real sharing of gifts.



And on Thursday, June 21, 2012: Nomad Café Online with Fredric Lehrman

The Nomad Café Online is a modern version of the ancient tradition of the “caravanserai,” a stop along a trade route where travelers would rest their animals, eat, and converse with others coming and going along the same roads. They would exchange news about weather, road conditions, and what was happening in the next town, province, or country. They could also send letters with caravans going back in the opposite direction to their friends left behind. Then they would continue on with the next stage of their trip, having met new friends, traded stories and knowledge, and having learned things they did not know before.

Knowledge is everywhere, and learning takes place only through experience. Your host at the Nomad Café is Fredric Lehrman, the founder and director of Nomad University, a new kind of school that brings together self-directed students with inspiring teachers from all over the world.

Every program will be different, and you won’t know the topic, the format, or even the teacher in advance. To be a Nomad student you must realize that to learn what you don’t know, you must be ready to go into the unknown. You recognize that the Universe is the true university, and every house or building is only a temporary structure. Thus the nomad tent is a truthful expression of where we really are, because the walls move with the wind.

To paraphrase a roadside sign that many of us may have seen somewhere,“If you lived in Universe City, you would be home by now.”

So get yourself a cup of tea and join us for the broadcast.

NOMAD CAFE ONLINE con Fredric Lehrman

Nomad Cafè Online è una versione moderna dell'antica tradizione del caravanserraglio, una sosta lungo il cammino dove i viaggiatori facevano riposare gli animali, potevano mangiare e conversare con gli altri che andavano e venivano sulla strada. Si scambiavano notizie, sul tempo, sulle condizioni della strada, su quello che stava succedendo nella successiva città, o provincia o paese. Potevano anche mandare lettere con le carovane che andavano in direzione opposta, ai loro amici rimasti a casa. Potevano poi continuare nelle tappe successive del loro viaggio, dopo aver scambiato storie e informazioni, dopo aver imparato cose che non conoscevano prima.

La conoscenza è dappertutto, l'apprendimento avviene soltabto attraverso l'esperienza. Il vostro ospite al Nomad Cafè Online è Fredric Lehrman, il fondatore e direttore della Nomad University. Un nuovo tipo di scuola che raccoglie studenti che si prendono la responsabilità di darsi una direzione, insegnanti capaci di dare ispirazione da tutte le parti del mondo.

Ogni programma sarà diverso, non saprete quale è l'argomento, il formato, o persino chi lo insegnerà. Essere uno studente di Nomad significa imparare quello che non conosciamo andando nell'ignoto. Ci si rende conto che l'Universo è la nostra vera Università, ogni casa, ogni edificio è solo una struttura temporanea. Perciò la tenda del nomade è una chiara metafora di dove noi siamo in realtà, perchè le sue pareti si muovono nel vento.

Per parafrasare una frase ben nota in America: “ Se vivessimo nella Città dell'Universo, saremmo già a casa ora!”

Ti invitiamo a sederti comodamente, con una buona tazza di tè da ascoltare il programma.