:duir: Tuesday, June 19, the Moon will be new at 11:02 (AM) here on the East Coast
of the U.S. This new Moon will immediately become void of course. After her cheek to
cheek conjunction with the Sun in the last degrees of Gemini, she will have no relationships with
other planets until she moves into her home sign of Cancer at 1:34 in the afternoon. This offers
us all a period of silence and meditation in the middle of the day to become fully aware of the
potent forces with which we can all connect. Give yourself a little time of full consciousness
during these few hours between the moment of new Moon and the entry into Cancer. If possible,
wait until the void of course period has ended to make important decisions or appointments with
long consequences.

The degree of the new Moon (28 Gemini) is aligned with Betelgeuse, a bright star in the right
hand or arm of Orion. Betelgeuse is an indication of success for those who have it in a
prominent place in their chart. Gemini is associated with the hands and often gives a skill with
manual tasks, a sign of craftsmanship. We have had two new Moons in the same sign, which is
unusual, and suggests a slightly longer period of endings, before the newness of the Moon’s
entry into the next sign.

When Lady Moon enters Cancer at 1:34, we will have a foretaste of the Sun’s entry into
Cancer at the moment of the Solstice on Wednesday at 7:09 pm. The Moon will open the door
of Cancer to the Sun. The Solstice (when the Sun stands still) has been for many people, the
world over, a time of great importance. It has been described as a gate, an initiation point, and
always a turning point. Our Grove will celebrate both the solstice and the new Moon this

The new Moon will be exactly opposite the Galactic Center as well. This is a time we can open
to cosmic assistance, if we are present in our own center.

In a few days (June 24th) the first of seven exact squares will occur between Pluto and Uranus.
These squares will color the next several years, and have already been felt beginning with the
Arab spring and Occupy movement last year. Now these movements for new power
arrangements feel the resistance of those they challenge. New channels of energy will open up
as old ones are blocked.

Most of us will also feel a push towards new and greater freedom in our personal life and,
perhaps, more important in our inner life, and yet we may recognize resistance to new dreams
and visions, which would shake up how we have live and how we have viewed life up until now.
All of this suggests we have a Moon period of possibility for transformation. It is a time to
envision the future we yearn for and to interact with the power streaming in from the cosmic
encouragement of Betelgeuse and the Galactic center. All this will be enhanced in the grip of the
square between the two great transformers, Uranus and Pluto.

I have noticed in my own life and with many of my clients and friends that Saturn’s retrograde
has brought around re-connection to old friends, or segments of life left behind at some earlier
point. Saturn who represents manifestation will turn direct on June 25, the day after the moment
of the Uranus Pluto perfect square. Venus is also ready to end a retrograde period on June 27,
and will hit that same new Moon and Betelgeuse degree, 28 Gemini, August 5th. Love will be
empowered in a summer of Venusian special events!

The Sabian Symbol for this the 29th degree of the New Moon and Betelgeuse is THE FIRST
MOCKINGBIRD OF SPRING, The creative exuberance of the human soul in response to
basic life experiences.

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