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New Moon Report July 19, 2012 by Sarah Fuhro

:tinne:  The next little Moon will be found in her home sign of Cancer. She likes to be in Cancer and
there is much about the sign of Cancer, which refers to her qualities as the queen of flux and
flow. Cancer is the sign of the oceans, and we often forget that this is a planet largely covered by
seawater. The Moon rules the tides of the ocean and the tides within us. Of course, the last full
Moon on July 3rd was also in Cancer, but somehow this particular marriage of Sun and Moon on
July 19, in late degree of Cancer seems powerfully representative of the archetype of Cancer,
moody, yet willing to be flexible.

Cancer is the sign of the mother, of lunar power. This is a sign that retains the most ancient
rituals of humankind, the embrace of the Moon. Cancer is the deep and necessary wisdom,
which honors cycles and the element of water. Deep as the ocean, Cancer is a womb of immense
fertility, with the potential to drown in possibility.

However, this particular Cancer Moon and Sun conjunction are in a square to Saturn, whose
presence can make certain conception develops and manifests. Take a moment to plant a seed
inside or outside of yourself. You might want to choose a small step in a large journey or a
project to culminate with the full Moon on August 1st.

The great round full Moon in Aquarius we will see two weeks later, will light the celebration
of Lughnasadh, the first harvest festival in the Druid circle of the year. Since the ceremony of
Lughnasadh honors bread, you might think of this time of new Moon as the awakening of the
yeast, with the celebration of the first loaf of bread happening at the full Moon.

Immediately after the moment of the new Moon (12:24 AM EDT) the Moon becomes ‘void of
course.’ This means she has finished any further relationships with other planets until she moves
into the sign of Leo at 6:14 AM EDT. These hours and minutes are open to free forms of
expression. While many of us in the eastern time zone of the United States will be sound asleep,
dreaming without shape or design, other places in the world may be experiencing a time of
formless meandering, of deep mystical experience or of frustration with any plan taking the form
intended. This Monday, July 16, the Moon was void of course most of the day and a friend told
me she felt like ‘a dangling participle,’ a perfect description of this lunar energy.

The new Moon chart has a large slice of Gemini energy. Venus and Jupiter and the asteroids
Vesta, and Ceres, congregate with the south node of the Moon all actively communicating from
this Mercury driven sign of polarity. Jupiter (father and expansive impulse) and his sister Ceres
(the earth mother) are in contact with almost every planet and important point in the chart. They
are enmeshed with the Uranus-Pluto square, and aligned with Chiron and Mars and Mercury.
Mercury has just turned retrograde in the sign of Leo. It’s time to reevaluate decisions made in a
moment of misplaced bravado.

It’s probably a good time for Mercury to be in retrograde because there is a tremendous
amount of violent potential from Mars (action) opposite Uranus, the planet of sudden activity,
revolution, unexpected turns in the road. Uranus has a location in the sign of Aries, Mars’ home
base. Mars and Uranus are square Pluto the great transformer. These three in triangular
connection suggest ruthless and power hungry energy running around loose. This could be quite
a violent pattern, except for some mitigation from the sign of Libra, where Mars and Saturn are
located. These hot days will be an opportunity to align with the balance of that sign dedicated to
Venus, to create peaceful solutions from acknowledged conflict.

As I write this, the fourth angle of this series of squares is the Moon at 7°Cancer. This is a
quickly diminishing Moon, a Moon in her dark phase. Perhaps we can ask her to wash away
some of the more toxic aspects of this grand square as she completes her journey through the
ecliptic. Or we might ask Pluto to transform our planetary worries or ask Mars in Libra to
consider the great Libran cause of beauty and harmony. We can remember that Uranus in Aries
might simply be that higher octave of Mercury, which speaks truth to power. This seems
especially hopeful since Uranus is in close company to the asteroid Pallas Athena, who we hope
is in her role of wisdom rather than warrior queen.

New and full Moon reports each month and my consultations with clients remind me that we
can live the symbols in an astrological chart in a wide spectrum of possibility. It is our intention
behind the participation in the chart’s potential that makes all the difference. Mars is the
necessary action to drive desire forward towards the accomplishment of a goal, or that same
energy can be expressed as the impatience and fury, which will not hesitate to inflict pain. Pluto
tells us everything must change in order to exist. Will this be a source of anxiety or an
opportunity for creative transformation? Uranus can be the inspiration for new and undreamed
of ways to deal with problems or he can open us to careless and scattered activity, the roller skate
left at the bottom of the stairs.

Cancer Sun and Cancer Moon come together this week to begin a new monthly cycle for all of
us. Water is the element of this sign, cardinal, meaning new start, is the impulse. As you
experience the volcanic energy for change in the Mars, Uranus, Pluto triangle, bring yourself to
the soothing release of emotion which Cancer offers as well.
Sabian Symbol for the degree of the Sun and Moon: A VIOLENT STORM IN A CANYON
FILLED WITH EXPENSIVE HOMES. A confrontation with a social upheaval demanding the
reconsideration of static values. Catharsis.

Tinne is the Irish word for Holly. Holly was known as the ‘first in battle.’ She is feisty and
protective depending upon your relationship with her. The Holly tree and the Oak tree (last
Moon) fight a battle each year at the time of summer and winter solstice. The Oak king wins the
battle at the time of the winter solstice when the Sun makes his return to the Northern
hemisphere. The Holly king is triumphant at the summer solstice, which begins the process of
shorter days and longer nights.

Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive
The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah
Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and
Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes,
offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the
language of the present. To learn more, please visit www.sarahfuhro.com.