This ceramic mural is a reminder: the Moon cycle is the visual record of the relationship
between the Sun and Moon as we watch from planet earth. On Friday, August 17, the two were
locked in conjugal bliss, Sun and Moon at Leo 25°. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is
‘AFTER THE HEAVY STORM, A RAINBOW, Linking above and below, the Covenant with
one's divine nature, promise of immortality1. The rainbow is a promise that at any moment we
can contact this sense of love and well being, rather like the Ten of Cups in the Rider-Waite
Tarot deck.

Perhaps this was not your experience Friday the 17th around noon! Other dramas take place in
this chart as well. Saturn and Mars were in close contact in Libra with a sextile to the Sun/Moon
couple. This combination could make the moment of new Moon bliss feel heavily weighted with
a sense of responsibility or the need to put something into a material form. If Saturn and Mars’
voice for responsible action is ignored, there will remain the discomfort of guilt or fear, another
dimension for this combination of planetary energy. Friday, August 17, I was feeling both of
these, a sense of the beauty of the earth and the mystery of life around me, and at the same time a
persistent question: what can I do to be of help to my community?

There is an opposition in the chart between Venus and Pluto joined by squares to Uranus and
the asteroid Pallas Athena. It’s not surprising that we are once more seeing an attack (Pluto)
upon women (Venus and Pallas Athena), some of them so quirky (Uranus) as to camouflage the
real and terrifying dangers they present.

There’s a pattern called a Yod in this chart which offers some hope of courageous response to
these attacks. Pluto, Neptune and Chiron form a sextile which has its outlet in Mercury in Leo.
In this part of the pattern, Pluto may be power combined with the mysteries of the Neptune
Chiron combination of alternative healing. This energy may find an outlet in Mercury, The
communicator, the third point of the Yod. Mercury in Leo is not afraid to speak out.
Let’s hope this Moon cycle offers a clear voice for women, and the basic human right to health
(Chiron) and privacy (Neptune) to be heard.

According to Robert Graves’ Moon alphabet from the White Goddess2, this month is sacred to
Coll (Hazel), a tree of intuition and poetry, meditation and for the Druid, mediation. The twigs
have always been used for the divination of water. Hazel lives near the water and the story tells
of the hazel nuts which feed the ‘Salmon of Wisdom who dwells in the Wells of Segais.’3
The Full Moon of Coll, as always, pits Moon and Sun sign in opposition or combination. The
Sun has now entered the sign of Virgo, and the Moon is in Pisces with close connection to that
Neptune Chiron combination we have been watching wax and wane for many Moons. Virgo
looks at detail, while Pisces swims in the whole universe. Moon with Chiron and Neptune sings
of the nameless and formless which is forever held in potential, while Virgo is busy about
practical matters in the here and now.

Pluto and Uranus continue their powerful square which creates the very noticeable tension of
these times. Both Uranus and Pluto are about change, but with very different overtones. Uranus
wants revolution NOW. Pluto prefers to stalk transformation through a process of destruction of
what can no longer stand before unveiling new possibility. Pluto at this full Moon in Coll is
making a trine to the Sun and a sextile to the Moon trio. These are benign relationships in
astrological terms, but we may experience them as Pluto’s irresistible force for the truth upon the
bright face of the Sun with a demand for clarity from the Moon/Chiron/Neptune fogginess.
Uranus and Mars are also in trine and setting the pressure higher because they have a
combination of powerful aspects to the Sun and Moon. There can a sense of great urgency to do
‘something,’ and yet confusion about where to turn next. Perhaps the Moon of Coll is the source
of the intuitive wisdom for the next step.

Saturn trines Ceres and says ‘something must be done about the earth’s environment.’ Venus
and Saturn are squared to one another and politicians may continue to insist women should be
regulated and legislated. Juno trines Venus so the battle becomes embedded in the marriage
contract. Mercury is still in Leo, on the same track as Venus, Ceres, Juno, and Saturn. Jupiter
and Vesta are in conjunction as they were at the new Moon. Perhaps this is the opportunity to
understand prosperity as a potential to share the bounty of earth with all of her inhabitants.
The moment of this full Moon is very tightly interwoven, a syncopated chorus of Virgo (the
Sun’s sign) and Pisces (the Moon’s sign) singing along with all the other planets and asteroids.
This is a year in which our consciousness of underlying cosmic energies is heightened. There
seems to be a drama played out on the archetypal level in preparation for our growth and
education. But we need to be part of this mighty chorus in order to find new ways out of old

Best wishes for a summer dance beneath the Full of Moon of Coll! Sarah Fuhro,

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