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8 December 2012 - OBOD Winter Gathering - Please Note: For Members Only.

We now have all the details in on the Glastonbury Gathering presentations. In the afternoon, there will be three presentations on Earth Mysteries by Haraldur Erlendsson, Paul Broadhurst, and Chris Street. Haraldur's presentation: Approaching the Land as Consciousness - We first examine time, space and matter, and their subtle relationship with sky, land and the human body. A meditation explores healing the soul's dark material with the aid of the consciousness of the planet. We conclude with the role of sacred geometry in the location and naming of Glastonbury. Haraldur is a psychiatrist with a lifelong interest in esoteric lore, language and sacred geometry.
Paul's presentation: The Secret Land and the Return of Arthur - This illustrated talk reveals remarkable new discoveries in the British landscape, showing that the Arthurian mythos is far older than previously thought, and that its true beginnings lie in Druidic star-lore. The name Arthur means Great Bear in the old Celtic language, and it is this constellation that guards the Pole or centre of the Round Table of the Stars. This gave rise to the ancient tradition of kings bearing the title as a symbolic way of bringing heavenly order to earthly realms. The discovery of a series of giant landscape figures relating to this and other important constellations, including Orion the Hunter and Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, throws entirely new light on the meaning of the legends of King Arthur, Merlin and the Round Table. These findings also give fresh insights into the true purpose of many megalithic monuments and the astronomical science behind their construction. Paul Broadhurst is a researcher, photographer and the author of numerous classic works on the mysteries of ancient landscapes, including the bestselling The Sun and the Serpent and The Dance of the Dragon. Others include Secret Shrines, Tintagel and the Arthurian Mythos, The Green Man and the Dragon, and his latest work, The Secret Land.
Chris's presentation: The Guardians Of The Sacred City And The Awakening Consciousness Of The Earth - Chris Street is best known for his Earthstars discovery, a vast groundplan of sacred geometry linking sacred sites all around London. On either side of it are two animal figures etched into the  landscape. A huge sphinx-like lion on the Essex countryside to the east of London and a large unicorn figure to the west. They are, of course, the heraldic guardians of Britain. Chris’s investigation of these figures shows they are aspects of powers in the land, which represent the awakening and evolving consciousness of the Earth and which affect and interact with human consciousness. Chris street has been working with leys, sacred sites and spirit of place since the early 80s when a series of dreams and visions initiated the Earthstars Discovery. He believes that the ancient wisdom of our ancestors is not lost, but is encoded in our ancient sites and sacred landscapes. He is author of several books, including Earthstars, The Visionary Landscape, London’s Camelot and The Secrets of the Grail, London’s Ley Lines - Pathways of Enlightenment and London City of Revelation (see www.earthstars.co.uk). He has been a member of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids for over twenty years and has recently started the Earthstars Grove in London.

For booking details see your copy of Touchstone.