The full Moon in Taurus looks across the sky at the Sun and Saturn traveling in close
conjunction. Taurus is the earth maiden, mother, crone so long forgotten by Western culture.
Saturn is the old and hoary earth god of the ancestors. What happens when they stand face to
face in a moment of still opposition between Sun and Moon? The intensity of this image is held
with startling precision in the Sabian Symbol for the Moon’s degree: ‘The woman of Samaria at
the ancestral well: the meeting of the traditional past and of the creative spirit pointing to the

This will be the magical Moon of Samhain, still bright on Hallowe’en. The full Moon is the
manifestation of the lunar cycle. What was hidden in the dark with the new Moon can now be
seen in the strange blue light of the full circle in the sky. The Moon, which began in the airy
sign of Libra culminates in the watery sign of Scorpio.

The water symbolism is magnified by a grand trine (equal armed triangle) in the element of
water, which includes Sun/Saturn, the asteroid of the Earth Mother, Ceres and Neptune and
Chiron. A grand trine in a chart is like the symbol of the triskelion: full of continuous

This is a Moon of magical influence, a time when we can resonate intention through the power
of love and intuition combined with the natural forces of water and moonlight. If we are
fortunate enough to have a clear night sky we can experience the beauty of the full Moon with
our eyes. Clear view or not, the resonance of the Moon is reflected in our cycle of development.
This full Moon turns us all into a drum beating out the heart rhythm of earth and water, Taurus
and Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for the Sun ‘Deep sea divers: the will to explore the depths of
all experiences and to search for primordial causes,’2 gives us further clues about the power
held in this moment.

Pluto, the god of deep exploration is in sextile to the Sun and is trine to the Moon. The debacle
of the world wide financial system, has thrust the questions of Pluto in Capricorn into our
consciousness. There is a growing movement worldwide, which asks: what is the true value of
my work, my life and my relationships. Pluto’s questions cannot be ignored. Taurus, the sign of
this full Moon, is the pivotal point of these questions of value. Security can no longer be taken
for granted based upon money or institutionalized structures. The sustainability of the earth has
shifted our focus towards earth security, represented by Taurus.

During this Moon cycle, the election in the United States will take place. The Moon will be at
the moment of waning half light. Mercury will station retrograde on the day of the election. This
happened on the day of the Gore-Bush election, which we all remember for confusion as to who
was the new president, charges of incorrect counting of ballots, rigged voting machines and the
disenfranchisement of minority voters. Over the last twelve years the majority of United States
residents are now those who once were in the minority, and the right to vote has been challenged
by those who fear this change.

Plan on connecting to this full Moon is some way that opens you to the charged atmosphere.
Notice Venus in Libra in the dawn light as she continues to sparkle before the Sun rises. Uranus,
the planet of the unexpected and vibratory communication will be opposite Venus at the full
Moon. You may be surprised by a message of love, stirring a deep reverberation with the
universal current of love flowing between earth and sky.

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