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New Moon of Ngetal (Reed) November 13, 2012 by Sarah Fuhro

:ngetal: The new Moon of Ngetal (the reed) will include a total eclipse of the Sun, visible from
Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Ocean. The rest of us will vibrate with Scorpio energy
turned up full blast as Sun and Moon, Saturn and the north node of the Moon travel through this new
portal of the Moon’s cycle. We already had the Samhain full Moon in Scorpio and Taurus, now we
turn back to the beginning of the new Moon in this powerful sign of deep exploration.

‘Hunters shoot wild ducks’ is the Sabian Symbol for this degree of the Moon and Sun.
‘Socialization of instincts’ is the explanation of the image. This suggests that aggression must find
acceptable outlets. After a very angry election in the U.S., it is a relief that so many people chose an
expression (through large voter turnout) of their feelings that has social acceptance in a widely
scattered and diverse nation. And despite the concerns of many astrologers, including me, about the
change of direction for Mercury that took place on election day, it seems as if huge numbers of
people were able to vote without interference, and with a clear outcome.

Mercury retrograde and Scorpio energy allow us to gaze inward as we move ahead into the
Moon’s next journey. The potential to raise our consciousness through introspection is symbolized in
the Sabian image for the degree of Mercury’s station on election day: ‘an old owl sits alone on the
branch of a large tree.’ The comment further delineates the mood of this moment, A poised and wise
approach to existence based on a clear perception of unconscious factors and their operation.’
Perhaps this Mercury retrograde period will allow us all to reconsider our passions and give us a
wider view and a recollection of the larger picture and where we fit into it.

Once again, we have a grand trine in this chart in the element of water. We saw how that was
expressed at the arrival of the Hurricane Sandy on the day of the full Moon two weeks ago. Ceres,
the earth mother, Uranus the high voltage trickster and Saturn in his Scorpionic form are the same
players. Let us hope we can have a different outcome. Perhaps if we each perform our own version
of a water ritual, we can raise the manifestation of water to relieve some place on earth desperate for
the end of drought.

Jupiter and Juno face off at this time. Mars and Vesta, Ceres and Pluto and Pallas and Venus
are also in opposition. We have a full program of traditional planets opposed by asteroids, who are
only recently taking their place in astrological considerations. I have come around to acknowledge
that these bodies are indeed potent indicators in my clients’ charts and communicate what is
happening during this time of change in the earth’s response to our long separation from her.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and optimism, his opposition comes from his wife, the
asteroid Juno. The two of them are well known for their Olympian battles. Juno (Hera) was the
goddess of women and marks the special bond of understanding between us. Jupiter’s escapades were
supposed to be the reason for the enmity between the two gods who were sister and brother as well as
husband and wife. In this period of opposition women might consider what ‘divide and conquer’ has
created for us, and how Juno in Jupiter’s sign (Sagittarius) might be a time of reclaiming the spiritual
power the goddess once offered women.

Mars also in Sagittarius is opposite Vesta in Gemini. Vesta offers men and women the
model of inner renewal and rebirth. She is goddess of the hearth who remains faithful to the home,
including the inner home and dialogue. In Gemini she is more than ever a communicator of great
inner strength and truth telling. Mars is full of the fiery Sagittarius. He expects devotion without the
effort of communication, and is opposed by the gentle indifference of Vesta to his demands, for she
remembers a time when goddess energy was supreme, and the hearth was also an altar.

Ceres (Demeter) in opposition to Pluto (Hades) is a reenactment of that old enmity between
the two. He of all the gods had a kingdom below ground, and he of all the gods had no wife. He
stole Demeter’s daughter Persephone and a story of transformation, or death and rebirth is held in the
story of Demeter’s search for her daughter, and her child’s yearly return to her from her place as
queen of the underworld. Pluto and Ceres once more oppose one another at this new Moon. They are
two sides of the same coin for they both rule the earth, one above ground and one below. As we face
the consequences of fracking, mining, and drilling deep into the earth and the oceans for oil, we can
perhaps imagine them as allies. Pluto’s kingdom is threatened, as is the whole planet in the form of

Opposition is first felt in the form of conflict, two sides pulling against one another. But it is
good example of the many reasons to learn about your astrology chart. Opposition, when it is
understood and accepted, evolves eventually into a form of integration, or an appreciation of both
sides of the conflict. The full Moon each month is the opposition between Sun and Moon, and yet is
the culmination and manifestation of the relationship between the luminaries—two forms of

Let us return for a moment to the solar eclipse, which happens at this new Moon on Monday
(November 13, 2012). This is a repeat of the Scorpio 21° eclipse of November 13, 1993. Every
nineteen years the eclipse returns to a close degree in the zodiac. Check to see if this eclipse period
has any reverberation to events in your life nineteen years ago. This is a super Moon when she is both
perigee (closest to the earth), and in line with the Sun and Earth or syzygy. This creates a greater
magnetic pull on the tides and fault lines of the earth. There may also be psychic tension during this
period which can be the impetus to end something which no longer serves us and to look forward to
the next stage in our development.

Ngetal, the Moon of the Reed offers us the chance to sway with the wind without breaking. It
is a time when music of, or from the earth seems within our hearing. Flexibility and humility are
offered as powerful strategies.

Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive
The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs.
Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower
Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops
and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted
in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To learn more, please visit