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Announcing the Publication of the Novel, Brander

J.D. Edwards Announces Publication of the Novel, Brander

Raleigh, NC— Brander — Today, in the city of Raleigh, J.D. Edwards, OBOD Druid, announced immediate availability of his long-awaited fantasy novel, Brander, enabling his fans to instantly purchase this sensational new work of fiction.

Positive World-Wide Acclaim

“Brander is a very easy book to read, clear and comprehensible. You start turning the pages and you immediately plunge into this new world, full of fantastic creatures and magic. It's hard to stop, because you always want to know what happens next.” – Marine S., Lyon, France

“Hold on Tight! A fast flowing novel that will enchant you with ideas both new and old. This book will leave you dreaming of the World of the Fey and the possibilities of ancient magics lying dormant in the living Earth around us. I cannot wait for the next installment!” – Mark B., Platt Bridge, England

"Brander is a beautiful fantasy; well-organized, elaborate and a well-told story. It meets all the requirements of the Fantasy genre in terms of creating an alternative “reality”, populating it with beings from mythology, lore, and of the author’s own creation and then casting human notions, perceptions and behavior against that backdrop. I loved the vivid picture drawn of Faerie with its two suns, multiple moons, days twice as long as ours, its unparalleled magic tradition, and its golden grass that is so alive that it makes our world appear dim by comparison." - Andrius K., Vienna, Austria

Brander Availability

Brander is available in paperback or PDF formats and is part of J.D. Edwards’ commitment to deliver fantasy fiction that won’t fail to please. Brander is available for immediate purchase athttp://www.publishamerica.net/product50376.html and is available for download at http://www.3c3bpublishing.com/brander.html.

Written in 2003, J.D. Edwards breathes new life into the world of Fantasy. This novel is designed to appeal to readers of all ages.
Brander is a registered copyright of J.D. Edwards in the United States of America.

All characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

For more information on Brander: