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New Moon in Ruis December 13, 2012

 The New Moon in Ruis will be exact at 3:42 am in the Eastern time zone of the U.S. This is the Moon cycle which will include the long awaited winter solstice, and the entry into a new chapter of human evolution. But isn’t every moment an opportunity to discover a new facet to life, to experience mystery and to share peace? This new Moon is special, as are all the new Moons, as they promise us our monthly opportunity to begin a new chapter, a new opportunity to commence some new, and perhaps long awaited project in our lives, and to release what is old and no longer useful.

This time we find Sun and Moon dancing to the tune of Sagittarius. Sagittarius carries the energetic optimism of Jupiter, the sign’s administrative planet. We are about to enter a Moon cycle blessed with celestial music and dance, with the opportunity to open our heart to all living beings who share the planet with us. This is the time of year when we are asked to be generous, hopeful and to eat a lot, all Jupiterian attributes.

The degree of the new Moon and Sun is 21°. This is not far from the much-discussed Galactic Center at 26 ° of Sagittarius. We are, each year at this time, in touch with this place of a universal axis, a turning point, a reminder that we are both the center of the universe and no more than a speck of dust in the vast ocean of stars.

Juno, Jupiter’s wife is following along behind the luminous couple, and she makes an opposition to Ceres, earth goddess. Juno and Ceres remind us of very old stories when women were conscious of their power to create on many planes of human endeavor, until it was somehow lost to masculine power. It seems that once again, as these ancient deities in the form of asteroids are embraced in astrology charts, women remember their birthright. Once again women all over the world feel capable and inventive, ready to share their insights based upon a commitment to the whole community, the whole person, the whole family.

With Ceres and Juno in opposition, we are challenged to integrate these two powerful voices of Juno the Wife and Ceres the Mother, both angry over the challenge to their sovereignty, which has over turned the balance between male and female power. The myths which have come down to us, embedded in classical texts and in astrology give us testimony as to the injustice so many women have suffered and continue to endure. More important there seems to be an unstoppable tide of courageous women and girls ready to share their full potential in the human community.

Jupiter and Pluto the combatants who opposed Juno and Ceres in those very old stories have their own strange relationship in this chart. Along with Saturn, the three male deities of Time (Saturn) Death (Pluto), and Justice (Jupiter) create a pattern, which has as its energetic outlet, the king of the gods, Jupiter. It may be the desire for justice (Jupiter) will prove more powerful than fear (Pluto and Saturn).

This discussion of justice continues in the chart with another opposition between Mercury who occupies the sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter in the sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury. They are dancing to each other’s music in this opposition, which should give us a clue about old and worn out arguments. Is the ‘fiscal cliff’ a symptom, Israel and Palestine another? Locked in opposition to other people, groups or ideas, we become one with them and lose any chance to find new ways of relating. Mercury can become a speaker for the concerns of Jupiter and Jupiter can expand Mercury’s message. There are so many ways this combination could make a positive contribution, if we are ready for change.

Perhaps the dreamer Neptune will inspire us to more creative solutions to our problems. Or the Uranus/Pluto square, which will again grow tighter may offer up more catastrophic events and ultimatums to make us pull together. Ceres in opposition to the Sun and Moon reminds us once again that we live on a most beautiful planet and have a huge task of care and healing ahead of us if we are to continue to be part of the ecosystem we have damaged.

As the new Moon grows from this Sagittarian seed into a full Moon in Cancer, we can grow with her. From the optimistic and expansive sign of Sagittarius we will become more sensitive to what is all around us and to other beings, as is the nature of the Moon sign Cancer. We will experience the return of the Sun to our Northern Hemisphere, and embrace the prophecies that have been offered to us in the best way we know how.Sarah Fuhro, December 8, 2012  

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