Part of the mystery of our planet and her sister the Moon is the relationship between the
Sun and Moon during the year. The Moon rises highest during midwinter, while the Sun rises
very little. During midsummer the Sun rises to his greatest height while the Moon rises the least.
Right now at the time of the solstice, when the Sun is low on the horizon in Capricorn, the Moon
is sailing high in midsummer’s sign, Cancer. And so they reflect each other in a dance of

This full Moon in Cancer is pulling her weight opposite the Sun, Juno and Pluto all in
Capricorn. This is a strong set of oppositional forces she must somehow integrate to work at her
best. Uranus, a planet of surprise and novelty makes a square to all of this and Scorpionic Saturn
makes a trine to the watery Moon and a sextile to the Sun. Can the Moon fully express her
power in Cancer with all of these other influential forces to be reckoned with in the chart?

The Moon is at home in Cancer. She speaks of her attributes as cosmic mother, and
reminds us of our house and home, the earth. Cancer is the sign of the oceans, and the tides that
move the seas and human events. Cancer like the crab which represents the sign, is sensitive and
moves sideways rather than straight ahead. Food and the pleasures of domesticity are high
during the Moon in Cancer which falls during this period of festivals for the return of light to the
Northern Hemisphere. We can all take pleasure in preparing food and eating with those we love.

Demeter, the earth mother, in the form of Ceres is opposite Mercury during this full
Moon, and as so often been true during this year, there seems to be the potential for messages
from the Mother about the future. On the news, we hear that ski resorts must now become spas
because there is not enough snow, even artificial snow to keep them open for winter sports. We
hear about droughts deepening in the West, and floods which will wash away ocean coastlines.
We are not accustomed to take the earth into consideration when talking about the ‘future.’ The
future had to do with human ingenuity or human capacity for peace or war, or human population.
What the earth had in mind was not a topic of discussion. But that has changed as we have
watched the powerful shifts in weather, ocean sustainability, water sources over the past year. At
last humans will have to hear what the earth will accommodate, and this chart speaks loudly
about that new focus.

Athena squares Ceres and Mercury. Will she provide the conversation between Ceres
and Mercury with wisdom or her warrior stance? The Sabian Symbol for the degree Pallas
Athena inhabits at this full Moon is ‘the harvest moon illumines a clear autumnal sky.’ The
commentary brings up a question we might ask ourselves, ‘The light of fulfillment that blesses
work well done.’ How has the year brought us closer to a harvest of communication about the
earth, our home, and our relationship to her? Has there been good work for the earth during the
past year? Is there a shift in general understanding about what is taking place on a global level?

As for the Sun’s position in a sandwich between Juno and Pluto, we can look for a deep
intensity concerning how we organize our economy (Pluto in Capricorn) and, at the same time,
a push from women (Juno) who traditionally receive very little benefit from the decisions made
at the top level on how the economy will distribute wealth. Cancer, the sign of the Moon might
say we need to run economies to include all members of the family in equal proportion.
Capricorn Sun and Pluto may cling to traditional male hierarchical distribution systems, but be
eroded by the reality of women’s growing anger and impatience (Juno) with an imbalance of

Uranus in Aries squares this full Moon opposition. We can almost feel the earth shake
beneath our feet. The ‘outlet’ for this T-square is in Libra. Libra is about relationship and is
ruled by Venus, planet of love (and money). We will have to find enough love to work for the
change we envision for the earth if we are to continue into the next few years in a direction that
does not involve more and more human misery. That space in the chart is quite empty of cosmic
players. It is our space to take action.

I sent out the link to this video to many of you already, but thought you might enjoy it again as a
reminder of exactly what is needed.

Uranus in this case is the man who, from out of nowhere, suddenly begins the song, which
drowns out the message of hate.

2013 offers us all the opportunity to be creatively alive! Best wishes, Sarah Fuhro

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