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Where are we in this Great Maelström? by Fox of the Oaks

Fox of the Oaks would like to share his most recent blog. For more, please visit  http://foxoftheoaks.wordpress.com/

Where are we in this Great Maelström?

It seems to me that all mythologies are at a deeper level systems of magico-spiritual psychology. Even modern paradigms such as the mythology underlying science has this written within it.

We may turn our backs on myth, but it endures because it is beyond our conscious minds, and so beyond our ability to control. It is deeper even than death, because death is part of myth’s grammar, and if we cannot control or eliminate our own death, how can we do so to myth?

Myth is like a great prism reflecting itself many times at various depths – seek the deeper meaning of it as a living experience. For all the world is a mythology dreamt up by the Anima Mundi, the world-soul, including ourselves as souls part of that, and it has been proposed that when we find our own unique and personal mythology and live it, then our purpose for existing is fulfilled – we are at home in our being and the greater existence.

In this way, our own unique mythology becomes for us the eye of the storm of the world in these wild times; we become centred in our own truth aligned with the greater truth, and able to express that in the world. The circle of microcosm and macrocosm is completed. Nothing would seem more important than each person finding this for themselves, because, failing that, we are but copies of something else, estranged from who we really are, living out unconscious patterns that are not truly ours. Lost to ourselves we follow the crowd and find no real peace. And without real peace, the world will continue to burn within and without us.