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Full moon in Luis Jan. 27, 2013 by Sarah Fuhro

The Full Moon in Luis is the opportunity to integrate personal expression (Moon in
Leo) with community awareness (Sun in Aquarius). The Leo Moon is the outlet for a pattern
which includes Neptune (the dreamer, the musician, the mystic), Chiron (the healer) and Pluto
(lord of the underworld). This combination makes the full throated roar of Leonic expression
particularly powerful. What do you have to say, which needs to be heard by the world at large?
There will be healing available from Chiron and intense truth telling demanded by Pluto in this
arrangement of planets. Over the next few days as you watch (and perhaps feel) the Moon
rounding to Full, listen to your own creative impulse. You will have some part of the answer to
what the world needs now. Your gift of expression may be in words, in song, in action, as a gift
of beauty, or as internal revelation you will carry into the world at large.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree of the Moon says: ‘A communist activist spreading
his revolutionary ideals. Keynote: The emotional and ideological attempt to return to a state of
non-differentiation and chaos as a prelude to a new type of order. This might describe the
motives of Aaron Swartz who was about to be prosecuted for downloading academic journals
from MIT. ‘We need to take information, wherever it is stored, make our copies and share them
with the world. We need to take stuff that’s out of copyright and add it to the archive. We need to
buy secret databases and put them on the Web. We need to download scientific journals and
upload them to file sharing networks.’ His death by suicide has opened the discussion of
information sharing to a wider audience. Here is another reason to look at sharing as an
economic system! http://occupy.com/article/digital-disruption-technology-and-economics-99.

Western culture has teetered back and forth between the ideals of the ‘self’ and the
requirements of the state for a long time. With this full Moon perhaps we are ready to see both
in a new light. There is the personal battle to understand what we have to say and the concern
about society’s reaction, and the larger battle between those who take because they have the
power to take and the earth’s reaction. All this is contained in the pattern of this Leo Aquarius
opposition between the Sun who is at home in Leo and the Moon’s journey through that sign.

The two planets who are considered the ‘rulers’ of Aquarius (the Sun’s sign) are Saturn
and Uranus. Saturn squares Sun and Moon in this chart. He is time and ancestors, the lord of
manifestation and the barrier to manifestation. Uranus, who is in the company of the goddess
Athena is urging Sun and Moon to think in new ways as they attempt to synthesize the needs of
the individual to express creative gifts even as society claims or refuses the offering. He is the
voice of the still invisible, and always unexpected next turn in the road.

Jupiter in company with Vesta who guards the hearth and the resources of the home, is
also a part of this particular tapestry. They have been will be traveling together since June 2012,
which may be the reason that women’s issues have arisen in many contexts. Jupiter is in
retrograde and traveling through the sign of Gemini, where he tends to talk, talk, talk. It’s
important to sift through rhetoric to discover a deeper truth, and Vesta is the quiet truth behind
the bravado.

Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive
The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs.
Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower
Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops
and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted
in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To learn more, please visit