Perhaps the proximity to new Moon and the lack of any retrograde planets in the sky helped push
the blizzard we experienced here in the Northeastern United States to its full volume. Perhaps
the Moon at its monthly perigee passage (closest to the earth) on Thursday deepened the
anticipation we all felt waiting for snow and tidal waves to sweep over us. Yet despite two to
three feet of snow, many of us were able to meet this challenge in a way which felt communal
and festive. Aquarius is ready for new structures and social relationships, evolution and universal
sister and brotherhood. The Sabian Symbol for the degree of the conjunction between Moon and
Sun will be ‘A rug is placed on the floor of a nursery to allow children to play in comfort and
warmth.’ Neighbors who haven’t seen much of each other since winter shut us in indoors are
out and about with shovels and the companionship of moving several feet of snow to someplace

This new Moon event will be in a very tight square to the lunar nodes. This suggests a need to
really take the opposition between Scorpio and Taurus to heart. The south node in Taurus asks
us to redefine our values. If we are stuck with money as the measure of our success and failure,
we won’t experience happiness because there is never enough money to allow us to feel that we
are free to love what we do, love those around us or love and respect ourselves. Scorpio says
there is exploration of our own dark regions to be explored and acknowledged. This new Moon
gives us a fresh opportunity to take stock of what we really want as the sustenance of our lives.
The new Moon contains the tools and treasures, challenges and opportunities of the next twenty
eight days.

And of course it is the beginning of the Chinese new Year of the Snake which follows the year of
the Dragon, just ended. A snake has connection to the dragon. Both live in the earth and have
powerful energetic impulses towards growth and accumulation. Ironically there will be no
traditional fireworks in Beijing this year because of the extreme air pollution. This might be a
signal for all of us to switch our focus from making more and more money to healing the earth
where we live. Just as accumulating wealth does not heal a sick body, our planet will not be a
place where we can live because we drill more oil wells in the oceans.

The asteroid Ceres makes a trine to this Sun Moon marriage from the vantage point of 19°
Gemini. This degree has the Sabian Symbol of ‘a modern cafeteria displays an abundance of
food, products of various regions’ Ceres offers us the opportunity for assimilation of many
ways in which we can live on the earth in a healthy and sustainable way. We may have to look
beyond the usual approach of our particular culture’s prescription, and integrate the creative
efforts of many communities and individuals.

Nion or Nuin, the Ash Tree, 3rd Moon of Robert Graves’ Ogham Calendar
‘ash new or ash old is fit for a queen with a crown of gold.’

Nion is the great tree which connects us to the world beneath our feet and the sky world above.
The Ash is sacred to rebirth and water. Ash prevents drowning and is connected to the Sun and
Neptune. At the time of this new Moon, Neptune is not far from Sun and Moon bringing the seas
to those living along the eastern coast of America. The snipe is the bird of the ash tree, and the
elements are fire (Sun) and water (Neptune). The Ash is connected to the tree of life and is both
strong and deeply rooted in the wisdom of the earth.

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