I write this report a few hours before the Moon is full is at 3:26 pm (EST).   The Moon is the handle on the ‘bucket’ pattern of this chart.  She works hard, quite alone, as a full Virgo Moon might prefer!   Yet she is in relationship (aspect) to many other planets at this powerful moment of manifestation.  She is, as a full Moon must always be, exactly opposite the Sun situated between those long term travelers, Chiron, the healer and Neptune, the planet of dreams, music and art, mysticism and illusion.   The Moon in her sensible Virgo attire must balance out this Piscean crowd of misty travelers.  Mars, and Mercury, who just went retrograde are also in Pisces.  It’s hard to imagine much happening on the material plane, yet this is a great time to travel the misty aspects of your life to discover new possibilities! 

Pluto in Capricorn (trine the Moon) and the Virgo full Moon are the only planets in signs of the Earth element.  It is the practical Earth element who creates the final stage of manifestation.  However, since the Moon and Pluto are powerful actors in this drama of the moment, something on the visible realm may appear against a very hard to define background. 

Jupiter squares the Sun and Moon as well as Chiron and Neptune.  Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces, and seems to have an important message (Gemini) for this particular moment.  Let’s look at the Sabian symbol for Jupiter to see if we can discern his message:


‘KEYNOTE: The wholesome enjoyment of organic processes and emotional drives.’

This seems to suggest we turn to natural rhythms and take pleasure in what takes place around us as the season begins to change.   If we lighten our demands upon ourselves and the universe in general we can heal wounds kept open by fear and resentment.  

Mercury’s retrograde journey in Pisces will end on March 17, St. Patrick’s day, in preparation for the spring equinox.  His other two retrograde periods will take place in Cancer and Scorpio this year so we will have many opportunities to enjoy the full expression of the water element.  We can float in a sea of emotional expression, write romantic poetry and generally enjoy wetness.  

The Moon’s heavy lifting may be assisted by Saturn in Scorpio who trines her and lets her know she is quite adequate to job.  If you feel inadequate to some task, you might also call on Saturn for assistance from his deep cave in the Scorpionic netherworld. 

Pluto’s trine to this hard working Moon allows her to lean on his Capricorn knowledge of world’s structure.   According to her Sabian Symbol for this degree of the full Moon,


KEYNOTE,’ Learning to use one's capacity for emotional self-expression according to cultural standards, this is a time of initiation into new territory.  What new step are we each willing to venture during this period of full Moon excitement?  

The Sun’s Sabian Symbol: ‘A GIRL BLOWING A BUGLE.

KEYNOTE: A call to participation in the service of the race, as an evolutionary crisis approaches.’   Both seem to suggest new potential for growth whether or not we feel ready.  Perhaps that is the way the plants feel lying under a heavy load of snow here in New England even as they prepare for the push which comes as the Sun enters Aries and spring arrives in the Northern Hemisphere!  Enjoy the rising of this brave and initiatory Virgo full Moon tonight at 5:41 pm.  Forget the perfection compulsion that Virgo may bring along and try something new and revelatory.     

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