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Full Moon of Fearn (Alder) March 27, 2013 by Sarah Fuhro

This Libra full Moon shines her light opposite a phalanx of planets in Pisces and Aries.  This allows us to feel we are at the end and in the beginning of a new cycle of time and experience for Pisces is the dissolving of the old and Aries is the spark of the new.  The parade of planets begins with Neptune in Pisces dancing on the Ascendant (for those of us living in this region).   Next come Mercury and Chiron also in compassionate, dissolving Pisces.  Venus, the Sun, Uranus and Mars are in close conjunction in Aries.  Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces.  Mars is the ruler of Aries. So the group begins and ends with two planets who are powerfully placed in signs where they can best express themselves and the qualities of their respective signs. What they express is is in sharp contrast: water and fire, end and beginning, contemplation and action.  Mars can feel free to be his warrior self; Neptune drifts in an ocean of dreams.   All seven of these cosmic actors reflect their light upon the full Libra Moon who is sailing in the night sky in celebration of the Alder, the crow tree. 

The mighty seven are flanked by Pluto who is in sextile to Chiron the healer and Jupiter, sextile to Mars the planet of action. Sextile relationships do not demand choice, but rather integration.   Jupiter has been very bright in the early night sky in league with Aldabaran, in celebration of the spring tides.  Have you felt the energy of this equinox period?  There is a great cleaning and burning.  Pluto and Jupiter between them rule(d) the underworld and the sky kingdom.  They were brothers who divide the land of the living and the land of the dead between them.

Like all full Moons, Sun and Moon are opposite one another allowing us to integrate what we have been learning during the waxing Moon.   A few hours later, the Moon retreats into a void of course period. It’s best to make plans and take action when the Moon is NOT void of course.  During these periods when she has no relationship to other planets, it is difficult to mesh intention with action.   The Moon is dependent upon her own wisdom for the challenge of the Aries/Libra split which takes place today, and we are left to figure out our conflicting energies as well.  

Aries is concerned with the necessity to exist, to survive all challenges to identity and self.

Libra is focused upon balance, harmony, the relative weight of all matters.  Libra learns about herself in relationship to others.  She is the scale upon which justice is measured.

The Supreme Court went into session today with two cases which challenge the legal definition of marriage.   The Libra full Moon seems to be the right moment for this to be considered by the justices. Libra is the sign most associated with marriage.   The Justice card in Tarot represents Libra, and illustrates the power of balance, and the rather fierce aspect of Libra.  Marriage with its privileges and responsibilities has strong ties to karmic issues which are held in a kind of objective suspense at the moment.  The orthodox religious resistance to marriage between members of the same sex might be represented by the Piscean stellium. While the Aries nature of  the four planets in that sign, are determined to let each person decide for her or himself who is to be their partner.  Pisces, on the other hand offers gentle compassion to the argument, Aries is fiercely opposed.  So they both have their support and resistance to the Libra subject argued in court and in the rest of society.  

Jupiter and Pluto also have a role in this.  Jupiter is a representative of law and lawyers and judges in human life.  Pluto is the judge of the underworld.  They act as a bracket to the Pisces/Aries planets lined up in opposition to our full Moon.  

Feel where a balance is needed in your own life.  Mars is urging action and speed, Libra says we must weigh our actions in a scale, and that strength comes from a place set between polarities.  

But as always our relationship to the cycles of the natural world keep us in wisdom.   This is the full Moon after the spring Equinox.  This is the full Moon of Passover, when the story begins again.  The story is of freedom, an end to slavery with many reminders that justice belongs to all.  Next Sunday is Easter, which celebrates rebirth after pain and death.  For many, this is the beginning of new year, as it also the new year of the astrological year.  For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the approach of a new growing season.  What has been lying in the ground or stored as seed from the last harvest is sprouting and pushing aside resistance.     

May we all find the strength, courage and vision we need in this moment of manifestation.   

Sarah Fuhro March 27, 2013.   

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