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Full Moon In Saille April 25, 2013 by Sarah Fuhro

  The full Moon in Saille (Willow)will occur as a partial lunar eclipse.  The Moon, darkened by the earth’s shadow will be visible in Europe Asia, Australia, Africa and Antarctica.  But if you live here in North America you will only feel, not see the shadow.  Yet everywhere, the same pattern of planets will occur at the same moment.  Here on the east coast of the U.S.  the full Moon will take place Thursday, April 25that 3:57 pmEST.   We can watch the very full Moon rise at 7:46 pm EDT Thursday evening.  

   Both Sun and Moon are traveling through the sky with companions.  The Moon in Scorpio is cheek and jowl with psychic Saturn in Scorpio.  The Sun shines forth in Taurus with the warrior Mars, and Pallas Athena in close alliance.   Pallas is both goddess of wisdom and of war.  

   We have seen a long period of many planets and asteroids in one sign or another.  We had an Aquarian period, a Piscean showcase and then during the period of the Boston and Texas explosions, earthquakes in Iran and China, and threats of war, we had a powerful dose of Aries’ violent energy. 

   The Sun entered Taurus, a placid earthy sign, just as the second accused bomber in Boston was captured.  Mars quickly followed suit and is also ruled by the Venusian energy of Taurus. 

   We celebrated Earth Day this week, very appropriate to Taurus.  This full Moon marks Buddha’s birthday in many countries. Perhaps some of the gentle and loving energy of Venus will smooth the way to greater harmony and compassion.  

   Uranus and Mercury continue to travel the fiery road of Aries.  Unexpected and violent speech may be expressed.  Moon and Saturn will also be in the watery sign of Scorpio which is traditionally ruled by Mars. 

   Mars and Venus play out in our personal lives as well.  After Venus visited Mar’s realm of Aries (ruled by Mars), Mars is now in the land of Taurus (ruled by Venus).  Both the energy of thrust and fire and the life force of Mars and Aries, and the deeply grounded, sensual and fertile

aspects of Taurus are part of spring growth and renewal.  How do you feel them in your daily life and your outlook on the world?   As we acknowledge both our outflowing and incoming tides, we can take advantage of their benefits.  Taurus wants to embed her roots in the earth and enjoy the beauty around her.  Scorpio wants to release what is no longer useful.  Like all full Moons this is a time of to integrate opposite signs.  The eclipse period of the year offers a chance to take stock of where we are and where we wish to be.  This eclipse and full Moon are a dance between what we have and wish to hold (Taurus), and what we reject (Scorpio).  Feel those opposite drives and use them both.

   Scorpio urges us to transformation, but is also where our deepest fears lie hidden. Taurus allows us to appreciate the earth and our lives here, but can be fearful of any change in status quo.  Each full Moon offers us the opportunity to integrate opposite signs, opposite impulses and contradictory views of life.    

   Moon in Taurus allied with Saturn and the North Lunar Node are pulling us toward the manifestation of new forms of expression.  Sun, Mars and the asteroid, Pallas Athena, give us the strength of purpose to harness our fear and go ahead into what call us.  

   The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 5°Taurus, continues the theme of evolution: ‘Cantilever bridge across a deep gorge; the conquest of separation through group consciousness.’   The nature of Taurus on this day of eclipse and shining Moon asks us to imagine both the depths of the gorge and possibility of a bridge to get across it.  

  The Moon’s symbol is ‘the gold rush tears men away from their native soil; the passionate search for new values which, at any level, promise a more abundant life’

   Taurus is very much about values.  As you gaze upon the full Moon in the next few days remember that what we choose to value (Taurus) and what we choose to fear (Scopio) can determine the future.    

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