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A Tale of 2 New Moons-New Moon of Uath May 9, 2013-by Sara Fuhro

Here is a tale of two new Moons.  One took place April 10 and the other will occur
on May 9th.  In April we had a powerful lineup of planets in Aries, fiery, feisty,
and full of explosive energy.  The planet Mars, who ‘rules’ the sign of Aries was
there close to the Sun and Moon as was Venus, also in Aries.  Uranus the
revolutionary, and messenger of shock and sudden change added his demand for
immediate response.  Spring came with greenery but with explosion and earthquake as
well.  Here in Boston the viewpoint shifted from concern over threats of war to an
fiery attack at the marathon five days into that lunar cycle.   It’s interesting to
remember that the original marathon was run to announce a victory in battle between
the Greeks and Persians. It is a story so full of Aries energy: 

So, when Persia was dust, all cried, "To Acropolis!

Run, Pheidippides, one race more! the meed is thy due!

Athens is saved, thank Pan, go shout!" He flung down his shield

Ran like fire once more: and the space 'twixt the fennel-field

And Athens was stubble again, a field which a fire runs through,

Till in he broke: "Rejoice, we conquer!" Like wine through clay,

Joy in his blood bursting his heart, - the bliss!
--Robert Browning

This same April new Moon saw the ever closer approach of Uranus and
Pluto into a perfect square.  This  Thursday, at the time of the new
Moon of Uath,  the square between these Pluto and Uranus is one degree
closer.  The demand for transformation, resistance to change, and
general excitement about how we live on the planet are the theme of this
square which will take place many times over the next few years.

Our relationship to mother earth might be the theme of this particular
new Moon in May when there is once again a stellium (gang of planets) 
in the sign of the Sun and Moon, Taurus.  Taurus, in sharp contrast to
Aries of last month is earthy, rather than fiery, deeply situated in
spring energy rather than initiating a new season.   The Age of Taurus
(five thousand years ago)  was the time of the Mother goddess, of fat
Venus (ruler of Taurus), of the stories of  Demeter and Persephone. The
spring processions of people and their animals was woven into human
consciousness.  It is the season of Beltane, fertility, Mother’s Day,
and long twilight evenings.
There will be an annular solar eclipse during this new Moon, not visible
here in North America or Europe.  Instead it will take place over much
of Australia, and the Pacific Islands.  Since we all live on the same
planet, this eclipse of the Sun will be felt by all of us.  Here is a
picture of the annular eclipse from last year as a perfect gold ring. 
What if we thought of this image as a wedding ring of love between
humanity and our earth mother once again?   Could we pledge during this
period of Taurus (Venus-earth, love) to become conscious of our true
place on the earth, not as masters, nor even as ‘stewards,’ but as part
of a family interwoven together in abundant joy and fertility.  

This is the time of year when the Pleiades rise at dawn.  It is the
entry into the second half of the Celtic year.   Beltain, like Samhain
marks a gateway between two worlds. in this case the world we know as
human and the parallel world of Faerie. In order for the earth to
blossom and be fruitful it is necessary to work in alliance with the
world of nature devas, elementals, nyads and dryads, and other earth
spirits and residents who hold conflicted views and relationships with
humankind.  We have lost our connection to this multi layered world of
spirits.  Yet they are very aware of what we are about, and must live on
the same planet with us.  It is time to acknowledge their presence with
us, for without them there will be no flowering spring and abundant
harvest. Like the bees, if they grow sick of (and from) our
exploitation, we will be left with our cell phones and gadgets, soul
empty and truly hungry.   The new Moon for the month of Uath (Hawthorn)
has this Sabian Symbol: which speaks directly to this imminent need for
reconnection to the blessings of nature spirits:  


KEYNOTE: The awareness of spiritual forces at work.

Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive
The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs.
Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower
Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops
and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted
in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To learn more, please visit