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New Moon of Coll August 6, 2013 by Sarah Fuhro

In Celtic lore, Hazel nuts are the food of the Salmon of Wisdom who dwells in the pool of Segais.   The Salmon is one of the forms taken by Fintan, a combination of shaman and Noah called ‘the White Ancient.’ When Fintan becomes Salmon he is known as the ‘oldest animal.’  The Hazel nut represents concentrated wisdom, poetic wisdom and inspiration.  Hazel knowledge includes measurement, surveying, and the art of dowsing for underground water sources. Coll, the hazel tree is the traditional source of ‘witching wands’ used by dowsers to find water.  This knowledge of length and breadth of the land is considered basic training for the Druid to be a mediator, especially in disputes over property and boundaries.   Below is a picture of the Long Man of Wilmington, a huge figure cut in the chalk hills of southern England, who holds staves in his hands, just as the Fool in the Tarot deck carries his measuring rod over his shoulder. Measurement as a sacred task was also part of the Egyptian priests who measured the height of the Nile in order to judge the time of planting and celebration.  This Moon cycle of Coll is a time for the lonely search for your own source of wisdom and creative gifts, and  the opportunity to put then to use.  It is a time to take stock of your resources with a plan to offer them to your community.

This new Moon in Coll takes place in the season of Lughnasadh, a celebration of bread, the first harvest of the year. It’s a time to remember the sacrifice of Tailtu, the foster mother of Lugh, who died after she cleared Ireland for agriculture.  Before the time of settled farm life, people migrated with the animals they hunted, and ate the wild harvest of the land. It may have been at this time the zodiac, a parade of animals developed.  It is a traditional time of marriages, but it also has a tinge of sorrow to it.  Perhaps this comes with the knowledge that winter approaches, or that the grain, which has grown in the Sun and rain all season is now cut down.  Or perhaps the hint of melancholy associated with this festival comes from a memory of an older, migratory way of life replaced by the settled life of the farmer.

The chart for this new Moon which offers us the opportunity to begin a fresh cycle within a fire festival (Lughnasadh) and close to the height of the summer’s heat in the fixed and fiery sign of Leo!  Leo rules the heart and the spine in our body.  Love and courage are gifts of this season.   

The Sabian Symbol for the degree of Sun and Moon at this seed moment is: ‘A pageant, with its spectacular floats, moves along a street crowded with cheering people.’  What will you celebrate at this harvest festival?  What seeds planted in another season are now bearing fruit?  Leo is about creativity and expression from the heart.  Where do you find your greatest source of inspiration to share in the harvest season?    

Jupiter, the lord of expansiveness and optimism is paired with Pallas Athena.  The two of them look across the sky to Pluto the guardian of dark secrets.   When Pluto is probed he releases what has long been held beneath notice.  With an opposition from Jupiter and Pallas Athena, and a square to Uranus, the revolutionary, Pluto may release information of a surprising nature.  We have had a spate of news items about information this summer.  The trial of Bradley Manning, the hunt for Edward Snowden are a reminder that secrets find their way to the surface when Pluto and Jupiter and Uranus are in relationship.   

At the new Moon, Uranus, electric planet of sudden change makes a trine to Sun and Moon.  Expect the unexpected during this period!  

Two earthy asteroids accompany the royal pair.   Vesta, goddess of the hearth and the sacred rites of the home, and Ceres the earth mother and harvest queen stand on either side.  They are the guardians of this new cycle and all that will unfold over the next twenty eight days. Will we invest (Vesta) in our home planet (Ceres)?   Can we feel gratitude for the abundant nourishment around us or will greed turn us further from our roots in the earth?    

Another asteroid, Juno, associated with marriage, is opposite Sun and Moon in the sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is a sign of new social forms and structures.  With Juno in this revolutionary sign, the Supreme Court reversed the federal laws on same sex marriage.   The everyday effects of this change will continue and deepen as Juno guides us through Aquarius.  How will your own viewpoint of marriage develop with Sun and Moon focused on this asteroid? 

Leo is a sign of joy and creative expression.  Take this gift of a new Moon into your heart and vision of the world.  

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