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New Moon Ngetal Nov. 3, 2013-by Sarah Fuhro

Once again the new Moon offers us the opportunity to, to be done with what has become obsessive and stale and to acknowledge our ignorance of what lies hidden in the dark earth and womb of the next 28 day cycle. This particular new Moon is bursting with energy.  But first there is the quiet and strange light which takes place at a solar eclipse...

In Eastern North America we will be able to see the eclipse if clouds do not interfere with our vision. Here is a link to a map showing the visibility of the eclipse across the planet, and animation of what it will look like! http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/solar/2013-november-3.

An eclipse is a time of awe when we might once again remember that the size and alignment of our Earth, Sun and Moon are so perfect that this visual and energetic phenomenon takes place.

What’s in the astrological chart for this new Moon and eclipse? Mars, the planet of action, is the central player here. We start off this Martial theme in the sign of Scorpio where the conjunction of Sun and Moon takes place. Saturn and Mercury are also in Scorpio (traditionally ruled by Mars), and once again we have a chorus of planets in one sign, and the opportunity to learn Scorpionic ways and lessons. Scorpio is dependent upon non verbal information, but has the challenge to trust others enough to communicate what is perceived with psychic gifts.

Mars, the planetary ruler makes an exact sextile to Sun and Moon—all are at 11 degrees. Pluto, sometimes called the higher octave of Mars is also in sextile to Sun and Moon. Uranus, positioned in a long standing square to Pluto, journeys in the sign of Aries, also ‘ruled’ by the red planet. He’s looking at the Sun-Moon conjunction from that rather uncomfortable angle called a quincunx. It does seem as if the new Moon of November 3rd will usher in a memorable cycle of events. While we can look at such events as the recent earthquakes and deadly and powerfulstorm which hit Europe and the British Isles yesterday, we also need to be aware of the growth of our consciousness and whether it is evolving towards greater understanding and love, or hiding in fear and anxiety. These times of planetary lineups like the Uranus Pluto squares which are once more exact, and the yearly season of eclipses, allow a time to stop and take note of our soul’s journey, and to join it with others around the world who yearn for peace and justice.

Maybe it’s time to look at this particular Mars and the potential for his influence at this time. Mars is in the sign of Virgo, where his actions are directed to the cause of service and refinement. Mars in Virgo helps us to perfect our projects, or face internal criticism. As much as Mars is dedicated to outward motion, in Virgo he can be quite discriminating in his action. He helps us choose where we want to put our energy, focus our efforts and polish the details of any project.

The Sabian Symbol for this new Moon further illustrates this theme of refinement. ‘An Official Embassy Ball. Group-consciousness, as it flowers at the highest level in cultural interchanges between representatives of the elite of the ruling class.’1 Unlike most new Moons, who hide in the Sun’s beams for several days, she will be visible as the shadow, which crosses the Sun, creating the event we call a solar eclipse.

This is the time Ngetal, the Moon of the reed.  I think of the cattails which grow in wet places in New England until they are displaced by the imported loosestrife. Reed has been important part of human existence for thousands of years. They are the material of homes and baskets, and the vibratory element of many musical instruments. My husband once made bread from cattail flour…you notice the word ‘once.’ They quiver in the storms of this season of change, but do not break, unlike trees. They are low growing, swamp plants with mystery at their root. Cattail root has been used to treat burns and sores. The traditional reed of Britain gave its roots to remedy too much drinking. Seems right for a plant knee deep in water.

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