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Full moon in Ngetal Nov. 17, 2013-by Sarah Fuhro

Winter approaches the Northern Hemisphere, and the Sun is low in the sky.  The Moon rises ever higher and seems so much brighter than she did in spring and early summer!   The full Moons of autumn light the sky even as the Sun withdraws to the South, leaving us with short days and long nights.

Last night, as the almost full Moon shed her enchanting blue light on all the world, I saw a deer dance across the road in front of my car. Her beauty and celebratory mood were a perfect representation of the Taurus Moon. On Sunday, November 17, 10:16 am the Moon will reach her perfect full pulse, but until then we will see her each night, beating her great sky drum,  already in Taurus, ready to celebrate the joys of the earth.  Taurus is under the rulership of Venus, and the Moon is ‘exalted  (fully expressive) in this sign.  Once a year the full Taurus Moon marks a time to celebrate our planet’s beauty and joy reflected in her sister the Moon’s bright light.

Moon is in ‘detriment,’ not comfortable, in the opposite sign, Scorpio, ruled by Mars. While Taurus celebrates all that is sensual and earthy, Scorpio teaches us to look behind, beneath and beyond the visible world into the realm of darkness and mystery.  This full Moon teaches us to dance between these opposing signs and impulses, to celebrate the beauty and generosity of the earth and the deeper mystery of what cannot be seen, felt, or touched.   Each full Moon we have the opportunity to bridge a polarity of signs and season, while appreciating each end of the opposition.

During the Ngetal Moon cycle, our lunar lady goes from detriment at the new Moon, when she is in Scorpio, to her sign of exaltation in Taurus when she is opposite the Sun.  Here’s a cosmic lesson for us all!

Since we are on the subject of rulership and oppositions, this TaurusMoon/Scorpio Sun  moment has a tight conjunction between Pluto (the co-ruler of Scorpio) and Venus the ruler of Taurus.  Together they are in the sign of Capricorn, the builder.  Is this a potent moment for understanding between widely diverse impulses and points of view?  Venus and Pluto would seem to have nothing in common.  Venus is about love, beauty, art, sensuality and relationship.  Pluto is the lord of death, the implacable truth teller of dark secrets bubbling to the surface.  Both guard their kingdoms jealously.  Yet they are cheek to cheek in the sky, even as the Taurus Moon reflects the Sun’s Scorpionic light.   Both are in a square (90 degree relationship  to revolutionary Uranus and sextile (60 degrees)  to the healer Chiron.   This may be the moment to understand your enemy’s point of view, to create unification between polar opposites.  If we turn to Chiron’s healing arts as we listen to each other, we can create a world more humane for everyone.

Mercury is in this mix with Pluto, Venus, Uranus and Chiron.  He is the messenger from the Scorpionic kingdom, ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Mercury can be the neutral force in many oppositions.   He is the messenger, and not the message.  He’s the voice that neither side of an argument wants to hear.

full moon of Ngetal 2013

Now look at this further message about polar opposites: the Sun’s magnetic field is about to flip!  ‘This reversal happens every 11 years and is tied to the sun’s cycle of activity, now near its peak. The effects of the reversal will ripple throughout the solar system.’ http://earthsky.org/space/suns-magnetic-field-poised-to-reverse-polarity-scientists-say

A youtube video explains this phenomenon in greater depth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34gNgaME86Y.   This is expected to happen in the next few days. What was happening in your life 11 years ago, when the last solar flip occured?   The 911 attacks took place at the beginning of this cycle, we began a series of wars in the Middle East,  the omnipresence of the internet was about to change every moment of our lives.  As we bring these cosmic events into our consciousness, we can find balance in a period of readjustment, fueled by powerful forces of polarity.             Happy Full Moon and Sun Flip!

Sarah Fuhro www.sarahfuhro.com  sarahbeagl@aol.com