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Full Moon in Cancer Jan 15, 2014 by Sarah Fuhro

With the bitter cold of early January, we felt the full impact of the Capricorn Sun accompanied by Pluto and Mercury, the keynotes of the January 1st new Moon.  That new Year, new Moon chart illustrated the theme of intense communication.  Did you find yourself embroiled in debate, or in poetic inspiration, or conversing with friends at a deep level of passion and honesty?  Did you begin a project that will take you into deep waters of emotion expressed in words:  a book, a letter long postponed, an important conversation?   And, while we may all have become wary and weary of resolutions to begin a new year, perhaps the energy from this particular fresh start, may actually carry us towards the goals we have envisioned.

Two weeks later, at the full Moon, the Sun has his eye clearly focused on his queen.  The Moon is in Cancer, the sign she rules and illuminates.  She rides high as full Moon each year opposite Saturn’s Capricorn Sun.  The Sun in Capricorn is considered in ‘detriment,’ but perhaps we can transcend the ‘ruler’ and ‘detriment’ labels to see the luminaries sharing their combined wisdom. The full Moon is always the opportunity to develop our ingenuity in bipolar understanding.  The sensitivity and feeling nature of the Moon in Cancer sheds light on Capricorn’s urge to be grounded in earthy manifestation.  The Capricorn Sun is all about institutions and structures; Cancer suggests we try to treat each other as members of an ever-evolving family.

The low lying winter Sun in Capricorn sometimes seems extremely bright because he never rises very high in the sky and may be reflected off the white snow.   The high flying Moon in Cancer speaks of the frozen seas of the Northern Hemisphere, while blessing Southern beaches with her mysterious light.   Both are in square to Vesta and Ceres, two asteroids who have come to our attention as we awaken to the shared pain of our earth, who reels from exploitation, greed and neglect, and strikes back with powerful surges of extreme weather conditions. How have we come to separate ourselves from our matrix, planet earth?   Vesta asks: what is our commitment to our body, our home, our hearth.   Ceres is Demeter, the mother who lost her daughter to the realm of Pluto and mourned winter into existence.  As modern people we may have forgotten the power of Ceres, but we are a part of her and her suffering is felt by us all.

While the Sun and Moon are in counter balance so are Jupiter in Cancer, opposite Pluto and Venus in Capricorn.   Pluto entered Capricorn at the same time as the financial ‘meltdown’ in 2008, and travels slowly, but relentlessly through that sign.  When Senator Markey, born in the sign of Cancer, says in front of Congress that Capitalism does not support our population, you know the times are changing. Since Capricorn is very much about corporate and government structures, and Pluto always shows us the malfunction of whatever sign he visits, all this makes perfect sense. Capricorn knows how things should be built to last, but Pluto demands that the teardown of old structures has to take place before new foundations can be laid. Capricorn builds the house, Cancer turns it into a home.  Cancer is about the eternal structure of the family, which as banks and government institutions appear to be floundering, becomes the support system of all those who have been abandoned by the contract between worker and employer, while at the same time, the social safety net is threatened. The problem is that families may also be highly dysfunctional with Pluto in Capricorn.  This may be the opportunity to remember that as earth’s children, we always have a home, complete with a huge extended family.

Much of the chart is involved in an ongoing grand cross in the cardinal signs.  A shift is pushed in these signs, the locations of the seasonal changes. Uranus in fiery Aries (sign of the spring equinox)  demands  we listen to the transformational possibilities all around us.  Jupiter and Moon in Cancer (sign of the summer solstice) balance Uranus’ fiery rhetoric with the emotional truth that resides in the element of water.  Mars, Vesta and Ceres dwell in airy Libra (the fall equinox) and remind us of balance and justice.  And of course, Sun Venus and Pluto in Capricorn (the winter solstice) are there for responsible and well-grounded earth element stability.

We can’t finish without a look at Saturn, the power behind the throne.  Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and is in trine to Cancer Moon and in sextile to the Sun.  He’s in the depths of Hades in Scorpio, reminding us that there are important layers below, or beyond those visible on the physical plane.  He injects the mystery of the underworld, a place as busy and full of evolutionary impulse, as what we call our world.

How all the animals become nocturnal—
Nocturnal happened when there was no room
by day for foxes, for owls for moles or voles.
All the daylight was consumed by people,
who stay in at night, watch TV and sleep.
In the daytime folks rush here and there,
digging, spraying, cutting, and pointing.
They drive cars, pedal mountain bikes
and walk well worn paths with their dogs.
But they have no truck with darkness.
Animals are now best able to roam under stars.
Even beavers, those busy engineers,
work silently all the night long shift.
Coyotes turn in at dawn, dark shadows,
who work the quiet suburban street in lamplight.
Deer may venture out in sunlight,
but they save their important work for night.
While possum is the ghost who reminds us
that we don’t know the half of it.
Sarah Fuhro January 2014
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Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower
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