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All over the world members are creating wonderful projects, artwork, books, poetry and music, and this blog is a space for telling others about your work, or posting about any subject relevant to Druidry or the spiritual quest.

If you are an OBOD member and would like to post here, just email blogs@druidry.org include photos, purchasing information if applicable, your web site, contact information, and any other relevant data, and we’ll post it as soon as we can.

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The Druid Shaman a new book by Danu Forest

Danu Forest is a celtic shaman, seer, druid witch and priestess with over 20 years experience studying the Celtic mysteries, living in Glastonbury UK.
druid_shaman_coverAnnouncing Danu's latest book
The Druid Shaman
out now! 
A practical introduction for exploring the Celtic Otherworld...
available in print and ebook / kindle here Amazon.co.uk
Danu's published works include articles in Kindred Spirit,  Soul and SpiritSacred Hoop, The Green Parent, Pentacle, Pagan Dawn, Avalon magazine, We'moon, Earth Pathways, FAE and The Magical Times, as well as a long term columnist in the Glastonbury Oracle, and Four Winds magazine. She is the creator of Flower Power Vibrational Essences.
Danu also now has a regular column on family seasonal celebrations and earth based spirituality in The Green Parent Magazine.
Also announcing Danu's new druid grove in association with the Druid Clan of Dana: 
'The Grove of the Avalon Sidhe' based in Glastonbury UK 
(distance membership for the druid grove available)
for more details  email  danu@danuforest.co.uk 

For more information on the works of Danu Forest, visit danu@danuforest.co.uk or go to www.flowerpoweressences.co.uk and www.caersidi.co.uk