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A Valentine's Gift-Full Moon in Leo February 14, 2014 by Sarah Fuhro

A Full Moon in Leo on Valentine’s Day has the potential to open our hearts to love and more love.  The pattern of the planets on this day creates a message of love, a valentine to all of us on earth.  We need only look up to that Leonic Moon, full at 6:53 pm EST, to feel the smiling face of the Lion who rules our heart, to feel the cosmic passion of the moment.   Leo rules heart and spine; do we have the courage to expand the limits of our love to include all of humanity (Sun in Aquarius) and all the beings who share this planet?

As always with the Full Moon, the luminaries are in signs with quite opposite flavors.  When it comes to love, Aquarius is focused on the universal, while Leo sees the particular.   Together they challenge us to love those who are close to us while keeping the larger picture in view.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon in Leo makes a perfect Valentine message: The Luminescence of Dawn in the Eastern Sky.  The exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun in Aquarius gives us the give gift of an image of beauty:An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets.  Here is something very new and fresh held in a traditional container!

Pluto (intensity!) and his companion Venus (love) rise in the morning at dawn this Valentine morning to welcome the Sun.  Pluto is the invisible force behind Venus. Both are in opposition to Jupiter (largesse), with a sextile to the healer, Chiron.  Jupiter, Venus and Pluto are included in the powerful squeeze from Uranus, who demands revolution, or at least, shake up.  This has been the message of the last several years, and will continue into the next several.  This gives us earthlings the opportunity to be creative in our approach to intractable problems, our own and our societal structures.  Give a pause next time you feel critical of the way we humans go about our lives, and ask how we might be more in tune with the birds and bees, the stones and the trees! 

The waxing Moon has been traveling through the night sky with Jupiter in Cancer over the last few days. The bright beauty of Moon and Jupiter has created a sight worth watching under cold winter skies!

Saturn squares the luminaries (Sun and Moon) from Scorpio.  Saturn in Scorpio attempts to control whatever threatens long established emotional security.  The transformation of the role of love from something reserved only for those closest to you,  into a more universal mode of relationship challenges our interior Saturn, but Saturn when used at his highest note of evolution helps us manifest a future we cannot even imagine with his ability to embody vision in material form.  Saturn in Scorpio can bring us into a place where we can jettison what does not help us evolve into greater wholeness.  We might find it easier to eliminate material objects, clean out closets and choose only what is necessary to accompany us on our next step.  This is the esoteric image in the Rider Waite Tarot image of the World, the card which represents Saturn at his highest manifestation, in an eternal dance, amidst the fixed signs of the zodiac, Taurus, Leo Scorpio and Aquarius.  

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Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower
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