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New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Scorpio by Sarah Fuhro

New Moon, New Sun Sign, old Solar Eclipse!


If you live in the Eastern coast of North America you can watch the a bit of the solar eclipse as the Sun sets Thursday evening. The morning of October 23rd will mark the departure of the Sun from Libra and entry into the sign of Scorpio. Venus rules Libra, Mars drives Scorpio, an opportunity to feel both male and female energies as they switch places. Astrology offers a daily remedy for whatever has become too heavy in our lives. In the spring this transition happens in reverse as the Sun moves from Aries (Mars) to Taurus (Venus). The balance and integration of male and female is a gift we receive twice each year, spring and fall.

With a new Moon cycle and a solar eclipse on this date, we might want to bask in awareness of how we divide the world into female and male, dark and light, old and new, good and bad. A few go-rounds with Venus and Mars, and soon we don’t know the difference between these polarities!

Every nineteen years, a special number for the Sun, we revisit the same degree of a solar eclipse. October 23. 1995 was a solar eclipse at 0° Scorpio. What we didn’t learn, or have forgotten from that last eclipse, we can experience with this one. Which is a nice lead in to the Sabian Symbol for this degree of the zodiac: ‘ A crowded sightseeing bus on a city street; the fundamental human eagerness to expand one’s social behavior.’

New Moon October 2014

This will be a day of new beginnings, and look, Venus is right there at 0° of Scorpio, with Pallas Athena, who snuggles into the mix only a degree away! A crowd, including visits Scorpio on this occasion. Venus and Pallas Athena are powerful leaders of the women’s movement.   It will be interesting to notice what happens with this eclipse in the next few months.

What will we begin today in the Sun’s darkness, cast by the Moon’s shadow?   Just as the new Moon went through a period of darkness, and just as the Sun hides his face in a solar eclipse on this special day, we might also want to go into a place of solitude, retreat, silence, before we launch into a new Moon cycle and a new Sun sign.   Look and see where this event takes place in your chart.   For me it all dances on my natal Venus, who resides at 0° Scorpio in my third house of communication.  Maybe I will attend a convivial witches’ tea…….

witches tea

Scorpio’s theme is sorting through what needs to stay and what needs to go for new growth to occur. We often forget the time necessary to ‘recover’ from loss before we can move on to the next phase of our life. Traditional ceremonies around death acknowledge this dark period, when we can’t see what is next and offer us rest and ‘nothingness’ in a variety of mourning rituals.   Just as the Moon is not visible for several days after her ‘newness,’ and like the dark season, which Scorpion ushers in at the Northern Hemisphere, our lives must have time to compost in non verbal seasons, cycles and dormant periods. The airy leaves fall to the earth where they mix with earth and water to enrich the soil where next year’s seeds will sprout up in fiery abandon.

leaves in the water

Before We Go       

Before we go,

into the green mist,

beyond the lake,

which cannot be crossed

without the black leather boat,

we must put a few items

into the bag we carry.

Before we go,

into the grey mist

which covers the lake,

our heart must be strong,

and ready to remember

those we will meet,

the companions who wait.

Before we go,

into the brightness

which blinds our eyes,

and keeps us from sight,

we must be ready

to attend to the voice

who sings till our heart breaks.

Sarah Fuhro August 2014

teddy in the fall woods

Keeping our Ancient Wisdom Alive

The Wisdom Tradition evolved over the centuries to address our deepest human needs. Sarah Fuhro is a practitioner of its many forms; including Astrology, Tarot, Flower Essences and Druidry. In addition to personal consultations, Sarah teaches workshops and private classes, offering both clients and students knowledge powerfully rooted in the past, presented in the language of the present.  To find about consultations and classes, you can contact Sarah at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sarah-Fuhro-Star-Flower-Alchemy-Astrology-Flower-Essences-and-Tarot/71299491502?ref=bookmarks   or sarahbeagl@aol.com.