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Waitaha Water Gathering & World Symposium-by Jonny Bear

The Waitaha Water Gathering & World Symposium on sacred water held in Waitangi New Zealand.

I heard the call in my heart & was honored to attend & share water & wisdom with such beautiful people. Spiritual Elders, Healers, Shamans & Wisdom Keepers from around the world gathered to share at the sacred Gathering- Shoshone medicine man, 12th Generation Shugendo Mountain Priest( first time out of Japan & sharing his wisdom), Sante Fe wise woman with her sacred chanunpa (peace pipe), Shinto Master, Mu priestess & yes OBOD members were there.

There was a call for all attendees to gather their wisdom & waters to share in sacred ceremony. I contacted OBOD head office requesting help & THANKYOU – (in perfect sycronicity) - as well as Blessings from Philip & the Office team, an OBOD member was returning to NZ two days before I was passing through her town ( co-incidently haha ) on my way to the gathering. Thank you Anne for your gift of Challice Well water and another huge thanks to Pamela & the Grove of Summer Stars for going out of their way & couriering me sacred water from St Brigid’s Well & also water from The Woolshed Spring where they share in the Grove.

These waters were blended together in sacred ceremony & each of us got to stand & share our waters & their stories. There was much respect & gratitude shown in our sacred waters & the blessings from OBOD. The Waitaha people have a strong Celtic connection – Our ancestors are part of their ancient story – the Nation of Peace. There were sacred waters fromall parts of the world. Some had also been part of other sacred ceremonies ( Shoshone world peace gathering of 33 countries- Japanese Shinto gathering 1,000 priest praying for peace Magdeline /Mother Mary/St Michael waters from France – too many stories to share)

The waters were blended with much peace & love infused by the gathering. This blended scared water will be available shortly as an essence to use in healing & ceremony As we are all water carriers it was also a sharing & blending of all the tribes to form one tribe dedicated to Peace & Respect of all Beings & Nature – Papatuanuku – the Great Earth Mother.   .

As well as speaking to the sacred waters, there was much sharing of other wisdom & I was honored to see the Goddess/Divine Feminine energy represented by so many strong, wise, beautiful hearted Women. There were many sacred wisdom circles formed & much healing came from this. Deep seeds were planted at this Gathering that will, like water, flow out into the World.

Here are some beautiful words & ceremony that were shared about water - Bright Blessings – Jonny Bear

Have you ever dared to go beyond yourself, beyond your mind, your ego that believes and thinks all these things we must do for Water?
Have you ever dared to step out of yourself? Out of your mind? Out of your knowing and all that you must?
To become a Vessel, the Vessel that you are?
To inceive what Water has never been able to reveal to you?
To conceive the mysterious inner body knowing of your Cells that are all made of Water.
Are you WILLING to step outside of your Spiritual Mind?
Are you willing to Meet Water for the First Time without smudging, ceremony, song, dance, meditation, thought or Intention?
Are you willing to come to Water in your absolute purest sense of BEING of JUST BEING you?
Being with and within all your cells?
You being you who you are in your totality but without thoughts, intentions, ceremonial procedures, learned protocols, studied mantras, or secret teachings?
Are you ABLE to meet Water for the First Time in a way that you truly can experience Water for the Magical, Mysterious Nature that it is?
Are you ABLE to come to Water without all you think that you know you are?
Are you able to come to Water without your titles, your roles, without your Ways, without your past and all that you think you have become and have come to know? 
Are you ABLE to meet Water with all that your whole body being IS?
Beyond thought, intelligence, knowing or beyond conscious awareness?
"All that we ever labelled Water to be, all that any human being has ever spoken out over Water, into water, has decided about water or shared about Water is but a thin film of what Water in its fullness truly is! Water is, beyond comprehension, Water is, beyond thought, Water is, beyond intelligence and beyond science."
AND Water is something that you can come to know from within its own Essence.